• Lets take a everyday example

    Take a few objects and look for where it was made... Most likely than not it will be made in China. Chinese manufacturing companies are way, way ahead of any others. With this China is making a lot of money, setting themselves financially ahead of other countries. I'm Chinese lol...

  • I cannot be 100% confident about it but most likely will

    Be the next superpower. China has many elements that are playing on its favor. First of all it has the fastest growing economy worldwide. That means that its economic impact on the world is becoming increasingly important and it is dictating the economy growth on the entire world. Some facts show why it is such a powerhouse:

    1. Second economy, only superseded by the US
    2. Economy growing by staggering 8% approx. Over the last decade, compared to less than 3% for the developed world.

    Wealth of a country is determined and ultimately limited by the productivity of its inhabitants. As a consequence, China with the biggest population worldwide (1.35 billion),has a really huge potential to grow. In contrast Japan in the 80's was thought to become the biggest economy in the world, but it had a much smaller population (120 million ) and when this population reached the same wealth levels of their developed countries, Japan economy slowed down. China with a PPP of less than 5 thousand USD per persona can still grow significantly, with little effort (no innovation needed).

    Although China can become the world superpower there is are two facts that can limit its power:

    1. Innovation: China is the manufacturer of the world, but it has little innovation, while the US and in particular Silicon Valley generates new products and reinvents almost everything we know. That way the US creates value from nowhere and powers its economy. Can China in the future have the same innovation market driven economy?

    2. China is a communist country and as such there can be barriers to develop fully into a competitive economy. Take as example the solar PV market, where state owned banks lend money to almost any Chinese PV manufacturer. This is leading to poor competition, artificial low prices and mainly lack of innovation. In contrast the US PV manufacturers have to innovate or rather they will go bankrupt.

  • I think they will

    Russia, iran and other countires like bircs or shanghai 5 countries they all work with china and they support china. They are partners and seems they intend to destroy the usa. Maybe reluctantly maybe unreluctantly, but seems they will succed, but can not be known maybe america will do something extraordinary and they will prevent it like they did to communistic crew.

  • Yes, but only if it wants to be.

    China has the economic potential, but not only do they lack the military technology of the U.S. But they lack the military intuition that the U.S. Has. Paradoxically This is partly because China does not have favorable relations with the world, especially its neighbors outside of North Korea and Russia. If China was to increase its military spending and build 1/10 of the military bass the U.S. Has then maybe they will be considered a superpower. Until then they can only achieve super-stardom through their economy, which is not a stable route. But as time goes on, it is most likely that China will naturally become one.

  • Yes, it makes no doubt and it will be partly because of the United States.

    According to some of the biggest experts in politics in the world, in about twenty years China will become the new hegemon. There is almost no doubt about that. The Obama administration is certainly helping China by borrowing billions to China. That could become America's next biggest threat, as it doesn't want to lose it's power. Also important to note: one of China's strongest allies is Russia. That could also mean a threat to capitalism.

  • Yes i think china is the nest supper power

    Pleasantly china is the big country and second largest population in the world if china want to be a next super power they have to stable currency and they have to give proper solution for their language barrier and have to improve military power and equipment and they have south china see crisis.

  • Yes, but I am

    Not so sure about it, because India competes with China. But lets see to China. There are any reasons, that China will be the next superpower. Firstly, because of their population: now they are 1 360 498 000. Also because of the American and Europe companies, that are in the China, cause its cheeper to have the companies there, you know it, i guess. Also they advanced in medicine and technologies.

  • There is no possibility

    I have many reasons on why China will never be a superpower, but I'll give the top three that I have...

    1. Economy. China has the largest income disparity in the world. While some of the country is rich and prepress, a large minority of the population consists of starving peasants. With the political unrest of their younger generation, this is nothing but fuel for the fire. In addition, it is a trade nation, with the majority of their income coming from the export of materials, a majority of which is bought by the US.

    2. Agriculture. If the state of Iowa was it's own country, it would be the worlds second largest exporter of corn, just behind the US and just ahead of Brazil. While China has a growing AG industry, it comes nowhere near touching a single state in the US. On top of this, roughly %80 of their water comes from the Yellow and Yahtzee river, both of which are glacier fed and expected to be dry by the year 2025.

    3. Military. China's military consists primarily of infantry, of which less than %65 is properly equipped, and less than %20 has ever seen combat. They are also landlocked, and in the event of a war, the opposing nation could simply impose a naval blockade and prevent the country from functioning in the very unstable system that they have in place.

  • China will the a big power, but not the next superpower.

    China's economic growth indicates that it is country not to reckon with; a country that is strong. However, its economic growth is not stable to take over to that of the United States'. Even if we assume that it has stable economic growth, still economy alone does not indicate that it will be the next big thing. China's political condition is another thing we should consider. Its government is tainted with corruption that would hamper the possibility of becoming next superpower. Also, China's aggression against its neighbors significantly affects its ambition of becoming the next US.

  • China is nothing more than factory of the world.

    A non democratic form of government can not create superpower.Moreover all data regarding China especially chinese economy and military may not be true because China have never allowed International evolution of it's economy.Data like growth at 9% is reported by Chinese government and
    it may not be entirely true.The world was predicting China to have largest army in the world but in it's white paper P.L.A. T said that they have an army of 8 lakhs soldiers which very less than India's Army

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