• If I had to bet, I would pick China.

    China seems committed to putting humans on Mars. With its authoritarian government, huge population and strong economy, I think that China is more likely to do it than the United States. In the United States, yes, there is a great space program with a lot of experience and history. However, there are also a lot of politicians who may want to cut funding to NASA, and there are often disagreements among these politicians that may delay things. On the other hand, if China decides to do something, it does it. There are no disagreements. Therefore, if China decides to do it, I think it will happen.

  • Why would they even bother

    China is not as successful as the United States. Of course they are doing well, But lets be honest here China's thing is to create materials and supplies. And ship them to people like us. The will never be able to do both at the same time because they are always concentrating about new software.

  • If USA works hard, then yes

    If the USA works hard to get the right men and women for the job, and pays for all the parts of the rocket, then we will be able to get men on mars before China. China is all busy doing things for every other country and wont have time to build a rocket to get on Mars. USA just accepts the items for China, or declines them. That is all the Presidentś duty. (I know I said duty.) While the president is dealing with all this and maybe stalls China, then the first man on Mars will be from the USA. USA is planning to send people to Mars in 2024. That is the due year of takeoff. China isnt even thinking about this. USA is already planning to grow fertilizer there and small villages there.

  • China's not doing that well

    It wouldn't be unprecedented if China were to throw resources into space travel while their economy is in a tailspin, but given the risks involved with a mission as extensive as a manned mission to Mars, I find it unlikely that the Chinese would be able to overcome that. The United States has some political obstacles themselves, but they also have the program and the infrastructure to do it.

  • Will China get a man to Mars before the Untied States

    Not possible that China will get a man to Mars before the Untied States considering that the US is very interested in this mission. Though China's space program is very successful and China also boasts of having the fastest growing economy in recent years. The US with an impressive space agency and a powerful economy seems better prepared to reach Mars before China.

  • China will not get a man to Mars, ever.

    I am of the opinion that neither the United States, nor China, nor anyone else will ever get a man to Mars. At this stage of our evolution, it would take far too long to send anyone to Mars and I truly believe that the world will face huge problems right here on our home planet. Going to Mars will seem like a silly waste of time.

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