• It's extremely likely.

    China is quickly becoming the world leader in both economic and military terms, with the US being the only thing standing between them and China's world dominance. This makes it very likely that they will try to Invade the US, but I don't think they will do this for a while to come as the US and China's economies are too closely knitted.

  • Of course they will.

    China is a communist, state-run country. And will do whatever to spread its philosophy throughout the world. We need to stop doing business with a country that does not respect human rights and incarcerates citizens who expresses their anti-totalitarian feelings. China is a huge threat to democracy. Who can't see it?

    Posted by: Aned
  • It is the new Hegomon

    Yes, China will eventually be forced to invade the U.S in order to secure the status of a superpower they are seeking. In past times, empires could be regional and be left alone. Today with modern communication and transport technologies, empires have to be global or the will be challenged all the time. Therefore, China will have an interest in building a global empire and it is acquiring the capacity. Interest+Capacity= Action.

  • Look around and wake up

    China will want all debt paid in full the usa under obama will instate martial law in act eminent domain effectively giving our land to china and have the DHS and national guard disarm what they can before the chinese ground forces come from the pacific and secure there new territory. China has an alliance with the muslim brotherhood. Benghzi was smoke to cover huge shipment of arms. And riddle me this why does HOMELAND SECURITY need 2, 717 Mrap military vehicle's. Google image that thing for a minute and imagine that rolling through your streets with some of the 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo. The USA no long has a lead smelting plan the last one was closed. Its all around us but not on major media but even forbes magazine is raising the question . Tchose MRAP vehicles arent going to be stationed at borders they are being spotted moving all across the nation..

  • We Owe them 4 Trillion $.. And have space they dont.

    China will use our debt to them and the need to "restore order" in america to reclaim the money as cover arguments to the UN to prevent international intervention as they get their troops here to aid in "relief". Once the troops are here it is too late for the UN or even our troops to stop them BECAUSE OUR TECHNOLOGY RELIES ON KILLING THEM WHILE THEY GET HERE.... Once here our tech wont be able to stop them without killing all of us as collateral damage. China needs 3 things very badly right now... Three things we have and they have no access to while staying in Asia. Food, space in which to house people and industry, and natural resources.
    4 trillion $ may seem like a bad investment in a country with a colapsing economy.. But if that money ensures we keep doing the completely wrong thing until we completely fall on our face, and are left laying here for anyone to come in and step on, then 4 trillion $ does not seem like a bad investment. Heck, 4 trillion $ is a cheap deal... Especialy if the money they us wasnt even real.... They just gave us permision to print 4 trillion more $ with no backing.... And when we do fall on our face the money becomes worthless anyways, because there is no entity left to even redeem the dollar (the US Govt)... And there it will be... The USA bought for 4 trillion worthless pieces of paper... I guess that means in the future america will remain free... Free for china to take.

  • Will China invade US. Yes..

    China was ready to attack in 2006 but they what our infrastructure, land and resources. So they will rake us to the bottom of the dollar while telling their people to buy gold. The second thing if need be they will attack as they invented a nuc bomb that will 12 mill people. The UN was designed by Russia Gorbechov, China Mao Tse Tung and traitor Bill Strong who is now hiding in China. Financed by Soros, Rockefellar and Rothchild to name a few. I think people should have a look of the Agenda 21 or UNs sustainability it is a continuation of the Cold War.

  • Despising American culture

    They hate how we live as hate our existence in general. But, even though the USA has enough nuclear warheads to destroy the entire world, I feel they would team up with countries that despise us as well, they may be stupid enough to comeover here just because, but if they do, the United states military,most powerful in the world, they would be crushed like bugs.

  • Very Likely in the future

    The possibility of China trying to secure their investments are likely in the next 10 years. The United States owes Trillions of US Dollars and there is no way it will ever be paid back.... Especially after the Dollar becomes worthless. Last week China has decided that it is no longer in its interest to continue stocking foreign assets. Debt can now not be paid back to China in US Dollars. Seems like everything is being primed for this. Communism is another glove of the "Agency's" tool kit used to take over the world.

  • Quite Possible, indeed!

    China- small, limited resources, incredibly over populated, HUGE army, the ability to invade and take over without firing a single shot. Outsourcing jobs and exporting/importing from China has already started the ball rolling!

    United States- vast land, many resources, a population divided between Dem. & Rep. When the whole damn bunch is corrupt, and the very possible realization that the dollar is incredibly close to being worthless! Our army is huge, however if the war is not fought with guns- what is the use of an army?!

    2013- "Government Shutdown"- the start.....Where will it end?

  • Natural resource war

    With a lack of all sorts of natural resource, China will invade the US to gain their military forces. They won't just bust out and try to attack us, they will slow disable us with hackers and technology. After they have crippled us, they will take a more liberal approach, old fashioned invasion. WIth our military without the technology, the US will fall quickly to the hands of the Chinese

  • No they are not that stupid

    China doesnt need to invade America to become the next super power. Also if China did attack America, other countries will surely side with America as the victim. China isnt that stupid. I have lived in china myself and to a normal person being in a communist run china is not much different then living in a democracy

  • China Will Not Invade the U.S.

    The United States has many problems right now. I think the country is a lot more vulnerable than it used to be in several areas, but military strength is not one of those areas. China would be stupid to invade the United States. I do not think that they would stand a chance and because of this they will not invade.

  • Not a Chance in Hell

    Are you serious? The amount of ignorance here is amazing. Do you really think China has the desire OR the means to launch a full-scale invasion of the USA?

    We'll start with the former. China owns about $1trillion of our debt. If they were to "drop the dollar" as many claim, it'd only hurt them. That $1trillion could be easily spread out among our other debt carriers -- especially Japan, who is our #2 debt holder, and hates China. In this circumstance, China is no longer trading in the world's currency. Their economy will tank faster than ours in the depression.

    Now, let's think about this more clearly. China's primary customer is the US. They can attribute 90% of their economic expansion to Americans buying affordable Chinese products. They don't want to invade the nation who keeps them afloat. They're on the brink of being a superpower, an invasion of America will change that.

    Now, we will assume that for some reason China decides to go all out and invade us. Yeah, they've got 1.3 billion people, but these numbers don't mean jack when they're fighting a war on the other side of the world. One of the most underappreciated facets of modern warfare is force projection. How exactly does China plan on getting massive numbers of troops/supplies here? They currently don't have the capability, unless they were to use merchant ships.

    Alright, let's assume China uses a combination of naval strength and merchant vessels to get their troops here. The United States still enjoys a massive technological edge over the Chinese, not to mention the real-world battle experience they've got. A Chinese fleet en route to the US would be annihilated as soon as it hits open ocean. US carrier battle groups would enjoy near invulnerability with much more sophisticated radar/fire control systems.

    One final part, let's assume *somehow* China lands 10,000 troops on our coastline along with some tanks and general equipment. How do they plan on contending with the American military? They'd be firing on all cylinders -- air-force, army, navy, marines, not to mention 100 million legal gun owners. This doesn't even take into account the fact that China will have NO line of supply. We could just starve them out, they'd have no way to rearm or even eat.

    China realizes that they cannot realistically launch an invasion of the United States. This is not to say America could invade China, either. While they'd fare better than the former, they wouldn't be successful in the long-run. A more interesting circumstance would be a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, with American carrier support. That, or a mini-WW3 in southeast Asia that pits South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and the US against China in an air/naval conflict. I'd still put my money on the US, but I think it's far more likely and not as one-sided.


  • They are too dependant upon American consumers

    China's economy is extremely intertwined with Americans consuming they're goods. So if China actually went to war with America it would be committing economic suicide. Also when two super powers both have nuclear weapons, that is a huge deterrent of any kind of boots on the ground war. We have very bad trade problems with China, however I do not fore see any kind of full scale war between us. This does not mean that China will not bolster it's military might on it's surrounding nations especially with weak American leadership.

  • China wouldn't invade

    The Chinese economy and U.S. economy are too closely connected to make a radical move like that. The Chinese economy needs consumers to buy their products, so if the U.S. is gone, they will have less consumers than before, which would really downgrade their economy. Plus, China doesn't really have a reason to be invading a country since the way things are going, the world economy is working in their favor.

  • Technological military advancements

    What does china have? Cold war equipment? Also a lot of money is put into the military, pretty sure that if china does cause any problems their assets in the united states would be frozen. The dollar is still more powerful than their currency. Also why would they want to invade, that would ruin them because i'm sure they want the money we borrowed from them back.

  • Are you people high?

    We have enough nukes to destroy every city they have twice. They have enough to destroy around a dozen of ours. We win. Their navy and airforce is jack pitiful $h!T. We have a greater navy and Air Force then the ebtire world combined. They would even be able to cross the pacific. We win again. They have millions of troops they can send. Now they have millions of troops they need to feed and not only is logistics a MAJOR problem for them, the literally suck at it, but they also import the vast majority of all thier resorces. Including the two big ones food and oil. We win. All we would have to do is destroy their navy and airforce as they try pitifully to cross the pacific and then blockade their coasts. Then send the military to take over not their country but their locations throughout the world that the import they recorded from. Which would be easy as crap since most of it comes from us anyway. We win. This is really just a stupid question and people who said yes are idiots.

  • If you asked me this in person I would tell you to shut up.

    I was going to write out a very well spoken argument about why this isn't feasible based on the military that they currently have, and how a buildup of infrastructure that could create the military they need would be obvious to the US, but I am not going to do that.

    Just ask yourself this, what possible benefit does China get from attempting to invade the only country that not only purchases most of their exports, but also has NUCLEAR WEAPONS AIMED AT THEM?

    No one, that isn't dumb, starts a fight that they know ends with mutual self-destruction. And dumb people don't run countries despite what your friends on Facebook tell you.

  • No

    No I do not think China will invade the United States. They really have no reason to do such a thing and the retaliation that they would receive from us would be severe. Currently, we ship countless jobs overseas to them, so they are making money off of us so it would be stupid of them to risk that also.

  • No country is that dumb

    “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
    -Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

    True story, the United States as a whole has a lot of firearms. Now if someone invaded the U.S., I will be willing to bet that even gangbangers would come together to help protect their "turf" which would be the United States as a whole. That is.. If the idiots don't ban all weapons first.

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