• China India Larger than America.

    China is already the largest economy in the World at 19% of the world economy. India will be the second largest economy in the World at 15% of the world economy. America will be the third largest economy in the World at 10% of the world economy.

    China has 1. 5 billion people. India soon to have 1. 6 billion people. America soon will have 0. 4 billion people. Third largest is a great achievement.

  • Yes, I think China's economy will surprass the American economy.

    I think it is only inevitable that China's economy will surpass the American economy, China has rapidly modernized their economy and has the worlds largest population, I think as long as the Chinese economic system stays stable then it will rapidly bypass the American economy in the next decade, I don't think this is a bad thing for the US since we have a strong trade relationship with China.

  • I think that it could.

    I can't really say that China's economy will surpass the economy here in America for sure, but I think that it has a likely and reasonable opportunity to. One of the reasons that their economy is doing so well is because we have outsourced many of our jobs there and we buy their cheap products.

  • Yeah, only a matter of time.

    The Chinese out-number the United States almost 4 to 1, and if their economy continues to grow, the GDP is only a matter of years from passing the United States. Still, the Chinese income per capita is terribly low and most of the peope live in absolute squalor with almost no disposable income.

  • Food that Matters

    Though the American economy would seem to be doomed to die as it has little production along with a huge trade deficit with China and a dying petrodollar, what really matters, food, is mainly produced by the United States. The U.S. feeds food deficit sensitive China, and the Chinese must eat. Without America's food, China would starve. America has a HUGE trade advantage as China is dependent on the U.S.'s food. Consequently,China has to sell to America to buy America's food using America's currency. With China dependent on the accumulation of U.S. dollars, the American economy has surpassed and will probably not be surpassed in the most important sense.

  • No, China's economy will not surpass the US's.

    I do not believe that the economy of China will ever surpass that of the United States of America's. It think that while China's economy is growing at an amazing rate, I do not think that it will ever become greater than that of America's. I also think that a lot of China's numbers are artificial

  • Economy is a function of government

    China is large. China is growing. China is certainly an economic force to be reckoned with. However, economy is, essentially, a function of government, and China's government leaves much to be desired. A fundamental aspect of an economy is people, and people require a certain level of solidarity. China's significant lack of human rights creates an ultimately untenable situation for its workers, regardless of how many there may be. I believe that economic collapse, though possibly far off, is inevitable.

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