• China's Moon Rover

    I personally think that China's moon rover which is Jade Rabbit will last much longer because of how far the actual moon is and how long it takes to get to the moon. I personally think that the China's moon rover which is the Jade Rabbit which would last longer because of the planets as well as how far it is from the world.

  • Already almost dead

    Its already almost dead. While China's landing a moon rover softly on the surface is important, as is most space exploration, its not going to last much longer. The rover already seemed to be no longer working, which it recovered from, but, at the same time, it doesn't have much left.

  • It is old.

    No, China's moon rove, Jade Rabbit, will not last much longer, because as space technology goes, it is quite an old piece of equipment. Just as our technology in our home, such as our computers, tend to wear out with time and wear, Jade Rabbit is wearing out too. It has served China well, and was a big accomplishment.

  • Too Many Glitches

    Jade Rabbit won't be around much longer because it keeps having technical issues. Although Chinese mission specialists were able to get Yutu's communications up and running again, there are possibilities it could malfunction again. Jade Rabbit landed on the moon in December and was left for dead in early February. Despite its recent contact with mission controllers, another glitch like that may end Rabbit's mission sooner than expected.

  • Time Is Up

    I do not believe China's moon rover, Jade Rabbit, will last much longer. Communications were lost with the rover but revived only to find that the rover is stuck. I have my doubts its usefulness will remain and I imagine its life span has about met its end. None the less, it was an interesting project.

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