Will China's one-child law produce less competitive adults?

  • Extremely so.

    The GOP is extremely intolerant and has show itself to be so by being the adversaries of diversity. They are anti gay marriage, anti feminism, anti choice. Their party is defined more by their intolerance than anything else, these days. Anyone who does not display a flag is called "unpatriotic". They are intolerant of anything and everything that is contrary to what they-individually-believe.

  • Not at all.

    Not at all. Competition doesn't necessarily exist because of numbers of populations. If a person (or society, or culture) is competitive, it will be so whether a family produces one child or several. Nor do I think that the one-child law has anything to do in terms of "intention" of competition.

  • No, it won't

    The one-child law has a lot of problems (the primary being having a girl is practically considered a curse) but it won't have any bearing on the competitive level of adults. It's still a country that it takes an awful lot to stand out due to how robotic much of the culture has become, the one-child law isn't a significant factor in that habitat.

  • No, China's One-Child Law Will Not Produce Less Competitive Adults

    China's one-child law won't produce less competitive adults, just fewer of them. Competition among millions isn't that much different than competition among billions. One still has to work very hard to "make it." One thing that China's law has done is drastically reduce the number of women in the country. When a family can have only one child, most want a boy to carry on the family name and heritage. Orphanages are full of baby girls who have been "left on the doorstep" so the family can try again for a boy. These baby girls are adopted out of the country. So, in a way, the one-child law will make at least the men more competitive because they will have to work harder to win a wife among the dwindling numbers of women.

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