Will Chris Carpenter’s setback be an issue for the Cardinals?

  • Losing a Cy Young Pitcher Hurts

    Naturally, when you lose a marquee pitcher like Chris Carpenter it will affect your team. The Cardinals aren't exactly stacked with pitching talent so losing Carpenter will be a big blow. The one bright side of knowing your top of the rotation pitcher will be gone for the season this early is that there are possible trade moves to be made.

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  • Losing a starting pitcher of his caliber will hurt

    The St. Louis Cardinals are not good enough offensively to make up for the loss of a very good starting pitcher. Chris Carpenter is an all-star caliber pitcher when he is healthy. Losing him will definitely have a negative impact on the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are in a strong division with the Reds and Braves and need all the help they can get.

  • Yes. Chris Carpenter's setback will be an issue for the Cardinals.

    Chris Carpenter is the Cardinal's starting pitcher. His career is probably over due to physical setback. Many of his fellow team mates have claimed he is the "leader" of the team and Carpenter always gave each and every game 100%. His presence on the team is important, both physically and mentally.

  • Of Course It Is

    Chris Carpenter's setback is definitely an issue for the St.Louis Cardinals. If they are going to win it all or even be competitive, Carpenter is going to have to be in the lineup. Luckily for the Cardinals, the season does not start for a few months so he has time, but things aren't looking good.

  • They will be fine

    The Cardinals have lost one of their ace pitchers the last two seasons. Wainwright in 2011 (World Champions) and Carpenter for most of 2012 (One win from World Series). They have proven that their farm system is one of the best in baseball and that they have rookie's who can step up and be impact players. I think that once Shelby Miller gets a shot in the rotation, he is going to be incredible, just like Lance Lynn last season. There is no doubt in my mind that the Cardinals will be fine this season.

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