• Yes, Mr. Hagel could stand up to the drone lobby.

    Chuck Hagel will stand up to the drone lobby, one way or another. He may very well agree with the idea of using drones, or he might not. It is very difficult to tell just which way a politician's leanings are as they tend to speak as they feel each audience wishes them to speak. Lobbying is a "way of life" in politics nowadays, whether we like it or not, and a person can hardly avoid being affected in at least minute ways by those doing the lobbying. Mr. Hagel has the fortitude to stand up to the drone lobby. Whether he chooses to make use of that fortitude is something only time will answer.

  • Don't think so

    I do not think that Chuck Hagel will stand up to the drone lobby. Chuck Hagel has no backbone and no spine, he wouldn't know how to stand up for something if his life depended on it. He is a follower, not a leader. If others agree on something, he'll agree on the same. Case closed.

  • Chuck Hagel is a drone and wont stand up to anything.

    Chuck Hagel is a drone like all others in high government offices. He will do exactly as his bosses tell him. That means Obama. If Obama likes it, he likes it. People in positions of power don't get where they are by being moral or standing up and doing the right thing.

  • No. He is part of the establishment.

    Any mainstream candidate that Obama would appoint as Secretary of Defense is going to be affected by the military industrial complex's lobbying operations. Chuck Hagel, as a long-time Republican senator, is already deeply connected to these sorts of people and is certainly going to be hawkish on war matters. Drone strikes as a moral issue are probably not important to him.

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