• Yes Venezuela is a basket case.

    Venezuela has always been one of the worst examples of a state controlled economy and are paying for the years of mismanagement under Hugo Chavez. Its even more extraordinary that an oil rich nation like Venezuela is such a mess, years of corruption and mismanagement are now coming home to roost for the Venezuelan government and the people are suffering the worst.

  • It is on its way.

    There are already long lines for food in Venezuela. Now that they are full-on socialist, people will realize that there is scarcity. When there is scarcity, there is violence, because people are competing for a limited number of resources. When people are hungry, they will resort to violence. People have to eat.

  • Venezuala is nearing collapse

    Venezuala has a wealth of natural resources, but despotic leaders and a mismanaged economy will continue to fuel the civil unrest the nation has been facing. The disparity of poor and rich is creating a socio economic divide that fuels tension and unsettles the general population. Until there is real capitalism there, they will have trouble.

  • There will be no major civil unrest in Venezueal as a result of the poor economy.

    Venezuela has a very entrenched system of national security and its military presence will prevent any major civil unrest from occurring during the country's current economic downturn. The country has string leadership that won't allow civil unrest to spiral out of control or hit violent levels. Venezuela will allow peaceful civil protests but will not allow any descent into civil war or unrest.

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