Will Civil War be the Best comic book movie in 2016?

Asked by: Crazyjumper
  • This Will Be Fantastic Movie!

    Marvel has done fantastic movies in the past, and I believe that this movie will be no exception! Even though this movie won't be going off of the comics, this movie will make itself known to everyone, comic book fan or not. Marvel has been building this universe up with the two main characters in this movie: Captain America and Iron Man. Their relationship in Avengers (and their own separate movies) makes you fall in love with both characters. So it will be hard to "Chose a Side". But I do have hope for this movie, so I say yes!

  • I think Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice will be the best one

    Here's why
    1. These are the most iconic heroes in existence of heroes from both Dc and Marvel.
    2. Wonder woman is going to be part of it, yes Marvel does have black widow and scarlet witch, but they seriously don't compare to the ferociousness and skill of wonder woman.
    3. Its the beginning of the justice league, adding Aqua man, Flash and Cyborg.
    4. First time we will see a cinematic Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg.
    Now I am amazingly hyped for civil war, but the only freshness we will get is a new spider man and black panther.

  • Batman vs superman

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