Will Civil War be the best Marvel movie in 2016?

Asked by: Crazyjumper
  • Its a great combination of action and acting but best??..

    Captain America Franchise has been one of the many successful stories of the MARVEL and the same could be said for the upcoming captain america: civil war in which we'll witness captain america and iron man going up against each other for the first time on the screen. No doubt movie will be an epic one with all the action and stunts plus the cast including Robert Downey jr, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson cant be neglected too. But to be the best the movie is going to face a tough competition from the Deadpool which has already created a lot of buzz around it for its character and is a new of its kind from MARVEL. Plus we have Ryan Reynolds to back the character who is also a very mature actor. So no doubt both movies are great but best is still a big question?

    Posted by: aT78
  • Of course it will!

    Marvel has done fantastic movies in the past, and I believe that this movie will be no exception! Even though this movie won't be going off of the comics, this movie will make itself known to everyone, comic book fan or not. Marvel has been building this universe up with the two main characters in this movie: Captain America and Iron Man. Their relationship in Avengers (and their own separate movies) makes you fall in love with both characters. So it will be hard to "Chose a Side" when it really comes down to it. But I do have hope for this movie, so I say yes!

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