Will Civil War be the best Marvel movie to come out this year?

Asked by: Crazyjumper
  • Of course it will!

    Marvel has done fantastic movies in the past, and I believe that this movie will be no exception! Even though this movie won't be going off of the comics, this movie will make itself known to everyone, comic book fan or not. Marvel has been building this universe up with the two main characters in this movie: Captain America and Iron Man. Their relationship in Avengers (and their own separate movies) makes you fall in love with both characters. So it will be hard to "Chose a Side" when it really comes down to it. But I do have hope for this movie, so I say yes!

  • Everyone Has An Opinion.

    To some it may be the best movie this year, but other might like Deadpool more, or Batman vs. Superman. There's even going to be a new Yu Gi Oh movie. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and theirs might differ from yours. Some people might not even see Civil War b/c they don't like Marvel.

  • Anyone up to make a bet?

    So here is a list of possible upcoming Marvel 2016 movies.

    1. Civil War
    2. Deadpool
    3. Gambit
    4. Doctor Strange
    5. X-men: Apocalpyse
    6. Sinister Six?!

    Personality, from my opinion I don't think Civil War will be that great since the plot line requires a bunch of heroes that were not even introduced yet, which can confuse first time viewers. Not only that, but for fans, I feel the hero selections will be limited to enjoy a full out war. I am actually looking forward to Deadpool and Gambit.

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