• Good chance it will cost Clinton the election

    Ever since the Clinton Lewinsky scandal there has been a distrust with the Clinton's
    and they have always been above the law in a sense. But on the same token I don't feel comfortable with the other candidates either trump as president would make me uncomfortable with foreign policy a scary proposition

  • Possibly, but Highly Unlikely

    I think most people can agree that Clinton's email scandal is beyond ridiculous. The media likes to "beat a dead horse" when it comes to even the smallest controversies, but most intelligent individuals can see through that. If anything would ultimately cost her the election, it would be losing the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders. Sanders has been surprisingly pushing forward and pulling ahead in some areas, and given the shocking turn of events this election, it wouldn't be surprising if he was Clinton's undoing.

  • No, I do not think the email scandal will cost Hillary the election.

    I do not believe that the email scandal endangers Hillary Clinton's chance of being elected in November. I don't think that people were surprised that a presidential candidate had made mistakes or kept secrets. Sure, it may have been unpleasant to learn this information, but, it doesn't come as much of a shock these days.

  • No, the email scandal will not cost Hillary the election.

    While the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton is certainly not going away, I do not believe it of itself can have enough impact to actually cost her the election come November. I trust that voters will want to vote responsibly and focus on the important and pressing issues facing our country.

  • Email scandals alone won't cost the election

    No, Clinton's email scandal alone will not cost her the election in November. If she loses, it will likely be for two reasons. First there seems to be a general distrust of her and her ambitions. Then, there's the fact that she is an insider during an election year when voters seem to be turning to outsiders and those with radically new ideas. The email scandal highlights these two factors in a way, but will not ultimately be the reason she loses in November--if she does.

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