• Yes, Clinton will escape the email scandal.

    Hillary Clinton has been involved in numerous scandals over the years. Like her husband, Hillary always seems to beat scandals; because her political opponents do not know how to prosecute her in the court of public opinion. Most of her opponents harp on a single issue until its like beating a dead horse - the public simply grows tired of hearing about the issue. Therefore, it is highly likely that Hillary will eventually escape the email scandal.

  • No, Hilary Clinton will not ever truly escape the email scandal

    No, Hilary Clinton will not ever truly escape the email scandal. Hilary Clinton, however, may be elected president in spite of the email scandal. The email scandal is something that is tainting her run for president, however, it does not have the strong steam that it needs to topple her hopes for becoming president.

  • No, she will not escape the e-mail scandal.

    As the scandal continues to unfold it is clear that there is much more to it than previously thought. This scandal is rather large and it is clear that there is a good bit more at stake than either Clinton or her campaign would like the general public to believe.

  • No, it is helping the republican

    As long as there is an election that the republicans are vying for they will never let America forget about the emails. It was a manufactured story that they were able to use to their advantage. The sad thing is that you can destroy someone's reputation by constantly harping on something non-stop and eventually you will be able to influence minds. It starts out as a whisper and slowly builds to a roar. Its ads state of American politics.

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