Will Clinton lose Illinois because she is endorsed by the unpopular Chicago's mayor Rahm Emanuel?

  • Yes, there is much more chance for Barnie Sanders to win.

    By placing the spotlight on Emanuel, whom the Clinton campaign has consciously kept at a distance after a scandal surrounding the alleged cover up of a video in the police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald last year, Sanders is hoping he can draw attention to his own criminal justice reform plan and perhaps gain traction among Chicago's African-American population.

  • She will win anyway

    Hillary Clinton can't help who endorses her. She won't be judged solely on who is pulling for her. She has her own record of accomplishments, so of course many will gravitate towards her to elevate their own status. Rahm Emanuel is very unpopular in Illinois right now due to the bouts of police brutality but everyone realizes she has nothing to do with that.

  • I totally disagree

    It might make it closer than it should be but in the end she'll win. Hillary continues to benefit from her last name and nothing else. If she was any other women she'd already be out of this race. Hillary will win because her name and nothing else. She doesn't need the endorsement to help her.

  • Clinton will win in Illinois despite assocation with Emanuel

    Hillary Clinton will win Illinois, despite her association and endorsement by Rahm Emanuel,t he unpopular mayor of Chicago. She has long-standing ties o the region, and she has a track record of fighting for causes that the people of Illinois believe in. This includes strong unions and the rights of the working person.

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