Will coal surpass oil as the world's leading energy source?

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  • Coal: an impractical substitute.

    No, coal will not surpass oil as the world's leading energy source. It is my belief that oil has many distinct advantages over coal, namely its ability to be transported in liquid form and its rapid rate of combustion.

    These two factors make oil an ideal fuel source for our transportation and shipping industries, both leading consumers of fossil fuels. Even our rail system, one of the last champions of coal, has by and large converted to electric and diesel power. Speed equals money and coal just won't cut it.

  • Coal Will Not Surpass Oil

    Coal will never surpass oil as the world's leading energy source. The amount of oil the world uses is ridiculous and coal doesn't have nearly the same amount of consumption. As long as people are driving cars as a main source of transportation, oil will always be the world's leading energy source.

  • No, that's been done before

    Didn't the world as a whole move from coal energy to oil energy due to the perceived "dirtiness" of the coal industry? Why would they go back? Burning coal has the stigma of air pollution to overcome, and since it is very easy to see the black smoke coming from coal fires, it will be very hard for this to become a world energy source.

  • Doubt it

    Coal comes with a stigma of being dirty that isn't completely true but makes it a difficult topic for politicians to approach and be received well. While I think there's a worthwhile discussion to be had there it's one I don't see happening and if it does it isn't going to go very far.

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