Will companies find another loophole once the current tax loophole has been closed?

  • There will always be another loophole

    People never change, and when it comes to money they certainly never will. It drives the whole world and no matter how much money a person has they always want more. Correction, some people. Those people drawn into an atmosphere of money first are those who are more likely to commit these crimes, and when encouraged to do more to save more it hits a cord with them, and so they will please their bosses by making more money for them and will please themselves because they've earned more. And so they will find or make new loopholes.

  • Loopholes will Always Exist based on how Law is Written

    Law is written in a reactive manner: after an offense of some kind is made, the law is enacted to cover that gap. Using law to patch up leaky gaps will forever mean that tax laws will have loopholes because it is impossible to write a comprehensive set of laws that includes everything. Until law is based on principles instead of finite and discrete word sets, tax loopholes will always be there.

  • Yes, companies will always adapt and find ways to maximize their profits.

    It is my belief that even after the current tax loophole has been closed, companies will continue to find ways to circumvent the system through another loophole. Many high earning businesses have depended on the loophole to help boost profitability and with the brainpower of many smart executives and financial experts, I feel that these businesses will continue to find new ways to pay fewer taxes.

  • They pay their taxes.

    It is a myth that big companies do not pay any taxes. They pay more than their fair share. In fact, they are taxed double because they pay their corporate tax and then the shareholders also have to pay taxes on their gains. It is only with lobbying for special interests that they get their handouts from Congressmen who need campaign donations.

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