• Behold, CGP Grey

    Watch this video before commenting
    "Better technology means more better jobs for horses."
    "Better technology means more better jobs for humans."
    There is no such thing as an art-based economy, and every job can be replaced by computers, which are much cheaper, and don't require any civil rights, insurance, and can not sue. In other words, they have all the benefits of slaves and none of the disadvantages like housing, or the moral suffering of enslaving a human being.

  • Stupidity Increases As Time Passes By

    At first, I think that this opinion was wrong. As time passes by, I began to realize that human have become more stupid. No offense. Older generations might not have modern technologies like laptops, smartphones, and Internet. But, their progress on the expansion of knowledge are much better compared to ours. We are becoming more dependable to technologies and without it, life is meaningless. It is plausible that one day, artificial intelligence will rise and become the superior, while we still play with our smartphone...

  • They already have made many obsolete.

    That is just the plain truth, Look around you and see how the computer oriented, uber wealthy, force the proles to work harder to support the lower class that cannot afford the promises of technology. This is the dream of the Zuckerbergs and Ellisons, the Gates, Strongs and Soros's, so with their vast wealth they may own the world. Tyranny is your smart phone, just an illusion of smartness, give to you by thy tyrants. What could you do with out it?

  • We need human workers

    Some occupations such as doctor can only be done by humans. A patient could not be trusted to take a blood sample and a machine couldn't do it. Doctors have training and experience whereas machines don't. Also, a machine could not build a house like a builder could. While machines are capable of many things, humans are still needed to oversee the work.

  • One reason to negate.

    Let's presume all manufacturing, sales, medical, and other non-design, non-research jobs are automated. This is reasonable. Computers can always perform a task that is understood better than a human, if programmed correctly.

    Computers are logical, at least according to how they are programmed. It is impossible for a computer to make a stupid assumption, unless that stupid assumption was programmed in.

    This makes it possible for them to design new things (new machines, new theories), but only within the paradigms of what the programmers knew.

    Humans are stupid. They make leaps of logic, fantasize, and are otherwise incorrect. That is often essential for generating new ideas in science and engineering.

    Consider simply some of the many inventions created by accident:

    How can you program an idiot?

    How can you program an idiot that devises new scientific theories?

    We need humans to keep stupidity alive!

  • No, they won't

    Computer technology will not cause human workers to become obsolete as there are some tasks that computers just cannot do. Humans will always be required in some form or another during a job but the role may change to accomodate the work that computers now do. With current technologies humans are still needed

  • No, Computer technology will not cause human workers to become obsolete.

    Computer technology does remove some of the work that would have needed to be done by humans in the past. Technology can not replace the reasoning that is required for most jobs, that only humans can provide. Also, humans will be needed to fix any computers that break as they will not be able to fix themselves.

  • Well, not necessarily.

    It wouldn't make human workers more obsolete, more like human workers will now be a high demand and output of people that can make, work, fix, design, and update these machines. There are things machines cannot do, just probably not as much as they can, but pretty close I think.

  • it could happen

    But I highly doubt it. Yes, technology is great, but there is always a need for things to be fixed. I currently freelance, and my job is to do what computers aren't very good at. I don't think everything will ever be able to be done completely by computer. If it happens, that would really suck.

  • No workers, no consumers:

    If computers took all the work, who would buy the produce/products? The economy need people in work earning money to buy most of the things being created. If there is no consumers many business will have no one to sell to thus they will go bankrupt.

    Some jobs computers can't do at least not anytime soon EG: Horticulture//farm/construction work.

    However since many jobs have been taken by machines not just computers since the industrial revolution there is always the possibility for more job types to become obsolete.

    But for the jobs taken there were new jobs created at present the new jobs require higher and higher skill levels not taking into account that not everyone can afford to go to university and not everyone wants to go in the first place to fill these new job positions.

    Which is already resulting in high unemployment levels among the young, in many parts of the world.

    And so long as there is the possibility of computer viruses/hackers no bushiness is ever going to risk fully automating, there workplaces.

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