• Yes, they will.

    Eventually the Congress will start working together again. But this cannot happen while the republican party is in shambles embarrassing the whole system which is the US Government. However, when the Government starts to get on the right track, the laws will be rationalized. Only time will tell how long this will take.

  • Congress will rationalize the immigration laws at some point

    Congress will rationalize the immigration laws at some point. I believe the congress has come a long way from where it started years ago and that it is working in collaboration with both parties to reform and rationalize the immigration laws. Over time, congress will come up with a solution that deals with immigration that will benefit everyone in the US.

  • No Congress will not rationalize immigration laws.

    No, Congress will not rationalize immigration laws because immigration happens daily. If there comes a time when immigration is stopped, then Congress will have rationalized it. But as long as our country is open to immigration, laws will pass and go. Illegal immigration is also an issue that will affect how this Congress will work on this issue.

  • They are too political.

    No, Congress will not ever rationalize the immigration laws, because the immigration laws are far too complicated and politically motivated. No Congressman that wants to be elected to another term wants to take a strong stand on the issue. in addition, a great deal of immigration laws are up to the executive and should be reformed by the President.

  • An ongoing debate

    I think that neither the republicans nor democrats will ever decide on an immigration reform bill, so no there will never be rationalized immigration laws. We will always have trouble with people illegally coming into our country, unless we just start shooting them as they come across, that will teach them.

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