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  • Congress will not Learn

    It is my opinion that Congress will not learn from its past breakdowns because it is a long-standing institution that has consistently been unable to learn from past breakdowns. There is very little reason to believe that this will change in the near future. There are always new members of Congress to consider the past mistakes of former Congress members, but this does not keep them from possibly making mistakes of their own.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I have my doubts Congress will learn from its past breakdowns. The Republican party seemed to be the major problem and really only a few members in particular. These individuals don't seem to sorry for their actions and they certainly don't appear to have learned anything from their actions. In the end, shutdowns will happen from time to time, they really aren't as catastrophic as the media and people would make them out to be.

  • Congress learning from its past breakdowns

    Congress may or may not learn from its past breakdowns they tend to still be spending and not cutting just as much as ever even if the economy is falling apart.They need to stop spending on items like private jets that are not needed and start spending on improving our world.

  • Congress will not learn from its past breakdowns.

    Congress will not learn from its past breakdowns. The problems that Congress has and needs to be resolved will not happen. They have figured out that if they cannot agree to something then it is fine for them to walk out and shut the government down for awhile and that is wrong.

  • Congress is not interested in learning from their past breakdowns

    Congress is only interested in following the money and getting re-elected. They will not actually learn from past breakdowns. They may change their behavior, but that will only be to appease voters and those who donate to their campaigns, it won't be because they've actually learned something and see the error of their ways.

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