Will Congress pass Obama's gun control legislation proposals?

  • Yes, they're going to have to.

    If they have any hope of being re elected, they're going to have to pass the legislation. The tide of the country is turning against the NRA and relaxed gun control laws. The people, as a whole, are screaming for change. If Congress doesn't deliver the change they want, they're going to find themselves out of a job.

  • Yes, just not all of them.

    I imagine that Congress will realize it needs to act, and Obama was smart enough to put a whole bunch of proposals out there, knowing that Congress will deadlock and end up passing just a handful of the less controversial ones. Although it is less than ideal, that is how the process works. Some of them will get through, though maybe not the most important ones.

  • Yes, Americans are ready to address the issue.

    Given the recent shootings, the citizens of the U.S. are ripe for gun policy reform. While not everything in the bill will be in the final version that gets passed, negotiation will take place and major changes to laws will occur. The republican's and NRA's opinions on the topic are sounding dated and transparent to most now, and wont stand up against the current climate of the majorities itch for change.

  • Joke of a ajenda

    Why would you want to put any law abiding citizen at a disadvantage of protecting themselves or others? I mean if I have my ar-15 taken from me, but the bloods and crypts still have theirs,because we all know they don't care about law and they go on a killing spree I'm defenseless because I'm at a disadvantage.
    P.S. I would argue that pro gun states would lead a rebellion that could possible trigger another revolution do you want that

  • Guns are not the problem

    Guns are not at all the problem. The problem that we have is not enough mental health care for those that need it, "gun free" zones, and people that don't understand history and the effects that a gun ban will have on this country. I'm all for background checks but a ban is just a ridiculous idea.

  • No, not without some changes

    I think the gun control proposals will go through many changes before they are passed--this is how these things work. It would be contentious for every congressional member to vote yes on the proposal without trying to negotiate some of the parts each members dislikes the most. Has there every been a presidential proposal that has passed without being changed?

  • No, Congress will not pass Obama's gun control legislation proposals.

    President Obama has set up many potential members of Congress for negative backlash from their constituents by using the victims of Sandy Hook as poster children to drum up support for curtailing 2nd Amendment rights. Rather than addressing issues which would truly affect gun violence, President Obama has skewed the national dialog in such a way that many people feel their most basic rights are now under attack. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are aware of this reaction and will vote accordingly.

    Posted by: CCC
  • Congress will not pass Obama's gun control legislation proposals.

    The Second Amendment is a strong foundation to build a fort upon. The term "Assault " weapon or "Military" style weapon doesn't have legal weight because "How do you prove or present evidence of such a class of weapons?" The "Ideal" of "Government" taking the rights away from "Americans" is a deadly political weapon. There is a difference between winning elections and changing demographics and this one could fire "Another Shot" heard around the world. There are too many smart people who know this and will use it. Gun Shows may take the political fall and the "Pro" gun control advocates will "pile it on" to fill that loop hole. Plus Obama is a "Hatfield" and you fight him if you are a "McCoy". This Legislation is D.O.A

  • No please nooooooooooooooooooo!!

    Every one should have the right of defending him self,gun control law is a stupid barrack idea,that will bring more crime and more theft around.The bad peoples meaning gangs will allways have guns , the will build there own guns they know how!And they going to keep using . So fuck the obama gun control, he already fuck up with obama care and more, i can't wait this ass hole will get a fuck out!!

  • No way obama

    This idiot and protege puppet Clinton are trying there hardest to take away the rights of us true American people.Yes the people need to wake up!!! You have no authority to take our given rights and impose your executive decision to give you control in your socialist order.Wake up america!

  • Not a Chance in Hell

    The Anti-2A don't realize that more States, 32, has According to Brady's report card still has the more lax gun laws, only 10 have above average stricter gun laws. Tomorrow, the 2nd Largest State, Texas, will allow open carry. The 3rd Largest State, Florida, is moving 2016 to pass Open Carry.
    The only screaming for tougher gun laws are the a small minority in America. Just because a group screams the loudest, doesn't make it a majority opinion.
    As more citizen State's citizen realize that the government restrictive gun laws are not protecting anymore then before, they demand the Right to protect themselves. With 32 States in favor of lax gun laws and only 10 wanting more restrictions, the Anti-2A illogical ranting is unsupported by the facts

  • Not a snowball's chance...

    Gun sales are at record highs. Every single time that stricter gun laws are even whispered about, new gun sales take off. There are too many guns in the hands of private citizens to even consider it. People also feel very insecure about the terrorism issue and the current administration's seemingly lack of resolve.

  • Are we serious!

    Pass any gun ban and I will simply ignore them, same as criminals. There is nothing words written on paper will stop if a person chooses not to adhere to what was written. IED's are far more deadly, molotov cocktails, pressure cooker bombs, pipe bombs, tnt, pesticides, ect are all reliable methods of mass murder. Its true that guns are the preferred method howeve thats an issue of covience. Should guns become less accessible the method would change but the murders will continue. A mass murder is not nearly as scary as a seriel killer armed with a 308 bolt action rifle that fires 10 well placed shots from a descrete location outside a school and then goes home only to repeat another day. Empty and unenforcible threats are all I hear when someone says "Gun Control."

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