Will controversial GOP rape comments influence the 2012 election?

  • Yes

    Yes,controversial GOP rape comments influence the 2012 election.The comment was widely characterized as misogynistic and recklessly inaccurate, with many commentators remarking on the use of the words "legitimate rape".In relation to the resulting furor over his original "legitimate rape" comment, Akin was quoted as saying:"I talk about one word, one sentence, one day out of place, and, all of a sudden, the entire establishment turns on you.

  • Absolutely, yes.

    The GOP supported comments in reference to rape certainly impacted their loss in this election as alienating 50% of the population, even those in your party, is not usually a plan worth executing. As a moderate myself, comments such as these simply remind me that these are the screams of the dying dinosaurs who already know that their era is dead.

  • Yes, the GOP has shown a tremendous disconnect on this issue

    A number of members of the Republican Party have made countless comments regarding women's reproductive rights and rape that are insensitive at best, and totally ignorant at worst. In the year 2012, it seems awfully ridiculous to force women to birth children that are a result of rape, regardless of their personal feelings or choices.

  • What Century Are We In?

    Yes, the GOP rape comments will influence the 2012 election because today's women are far too intelligent and sophisticated to tolerate such backward and uneducated statements from elected officials. The two rape comments told more about the GOP's stand on women than any debate ever would have. They have alienated a lot of women and stand to lose significant votes.

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