Will countries in Africa ever be wealthy and independent?

Asked by: Elaynebq
  • We all started out like them

    We all started out in primitive societies where there's no technology and no government. That's what most of Africa is right now. First-world countries should step in and provide them with guidance, possibly colonization. The U.S and Canada was jump-started by English and French colonization and that did benefit up in some way. Corruption should be taken care of and get more money circulating. Countries in Africa, especially Somalia, should expand their government to reduce poverty levels.

    I believe that the main thing that could help is colonizing parts of Africa.

  • I agree with this statement

    I think once African leaders are less involved in practices such as corruption which is done on a larger scale , African countries are able to eliminate one of the core problems in order to help solve the bigger problems however countries in Africa have set themselves traps that they are stuck in. This then means they are unable to move forward without a huge change in their everyday living.

  • All countries started like them

    All solid, well-formed nations were once primitive and not wealthy ones. Countries in Africa would have a better future if someone sponsored them. They will not be wealthy from a day to another, we should wait and help them develop in a faster way. Education is a good star for it.

  • Africa is the source of upcoming wealth in the whole world

    I support the argument that countries in Africa will be wealthy and independent because on the basis of the example of Rwanda; since 1994 the coutry was totaly distroyed but looking only on where the country is in less than 20 years and considering that this wonderfull thousand hilled country doesn't have any natural wealth. This is a very good step toward development and wealthy independent. So please consider countries other than South Africa, Ivory Cost, Moroco, Zimbabwe, DRC etc... Which present more than 40% of the world's natural wealth today! I think that what is missing is simply stromg and blessed leardership then the population commitment toward their countries. Apart from that, we've got blessing from The God above

  • I think they can be.

    I think that more countries in Africa do have the ability to become wealthy and independent. There are a few things that need to happen before this is obtainable though. First, many governments in Africa are rife with corruption. Secondly, I think that some countries have horrible ideas on social issues. The way that gays, women and the AIDS crisis is treated in some countries are horrible.

  • Never say never

    Will countries in Africa ever be wealthy and independent? That is a possibility that can happen. The U.S. Was born from ashes from colonization that was a slow but eventually a success after many failures in the beginning of its era. A better example would be looking upon Earth from the time of first civilization. We were created and born into survival. But we strive and thrived and created complexity of systems that was able to commence into ingenuity and awesomeness. Through the use of hardship, we somehow became organized as time progresses and that only took centuries and centuries of time that had passed/

  • Africa has had good times and bad times

    This is not the first part of the world that is impoverished and weak, during the Dark Ages Western Europe was the world's trash can while Parts of Africa were flourishing from trade , also during the 1400's to the 1700's much of the West coast of Africa flourished from trade with spices and other goods

  • Will the US ever be poor? NO

    We did not all start off the same US has trees, oil, precise rocks and good weather. Africa has sand which isn't really a good resource. South Africa is the closest too being a decent country but the crime levels are crazy its like 10 murders a day in cape town alone. I couldn't see Africa being wealty since US is around. But why would want to change Africa living in the middle of nowhere with a small communal group sounds legit. And don't believe those bull commercials about poor Africa. 40% live in urban 20% on outshirts of urban and 40% in desert ONLY 5% live like the commercials we see

  • Colonialism will always be a burden

    Only a well organized plan to self sustainability would successfully bring Sub-Saharan nations out of poverty. Firstly, we cannot forget that Europe literally divided Africa into pieces so that there could be a rationed system of exploitation. Secondly, the decolonization process was a mess: it was either a bloody war that left the economy of the colony way below, or the disinterest by the colonists to build infrastructure to allow the economy of these countries to grow. Thirdly, there is the constant war that was caused by the colonialists by their careless division of the map, many times separating tribes and large communities. Finely, I think that foreign aid is not going to solve this problem. We are giving them the food, not teaching them to hunt.

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