• The Virus Itself, Yes.

    The masks, I pray, Will end soon. The retards fear mongering the whole thing, They'll unfortunatly stick around. The Virus acts just like the flu and pretty much every sickness known to man in the sense that it has strands, And those strands will mutate just as it has in the past (although everybody seems to neglect the fact that Covid has been around for awhile, Way before we all had to stay indoors and breathe carefully) Honestly In some places there probably will be masks and the lingering "threat" of coronavirus will be advertised everywhere.

  • Defineteley it will last.

    Idk what to write here this should be obvious as basically any other desease stayed around for a long time aswell, Not just covid but others too. I think we should stop the lockdowns and other overprotective meassures because we gotta live with it sometime don't we?

    I think it will stay forever

  • It’s only two weeks, They say,

    For COVID to go away.
    And not another week more,
    Yet it’s not out the door.
    The curve will be flattened,
    A mask on us fastened.
    A needle on our arm,
    Does not do any harm.
    And just when it’s done,
    A new variant has begun.
    Will we be stuck forever?
    We are in this together.

  • The virus will, But not lock down.

    No matter what we do the virus will still be with us. Viruses tend to mutate and create new strands. Why do you think we never cured the Cold? And although people will be getting vaccinated, There is a culture of distrust among a lot of minority groups in America, Which is fair enough. After seeing all the cases of authorities hurting minority groups, You really can't blame them for not trusting the vaccine.

  • The virus Will be

    The Covid-19 virus will always be with us because we cannot get rid of the sickness, Just like we can't get away from any other sickness that the world has, But we can find cures, We can find, Vaccines, And we can do "our part" to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. I am not a believer in masks, But I do it out of respect for others and respect for my authority, But if I had a choice, I wouldn't wear a mask. But going back to this question, "Will Covid-19 Be With Us Forever? " I am going to say no.

  • Yes, But not the pandemic

    The virus was highly infectious, And spread to all part of the world, It will still be active for a long time. However the global pandemic will not be forever, As vaccines will slow the spread and countries (hopefully) adopt a smarter way of dealing with it (the virus).

  • I say No

    I want Covid 19 To go away because i am tired of it and i want this Disease to go away and i want it to be gone forever, And i wish i could get along with people in Community Places like Zoo, Restaurants and other places that i want to go to.

  • It will go away sometime soon.

    A disease goes away just like anything goes away
    there may be bits of it left but hopes show it won't stay because if it stayed humans would be wiped if we don't follow regulations towards it (Which might happen) ""3021""
    At least we hope it won't happen anytime so.

  • A Simple Lockdown And Vaccination Will Do The Trick, And Some Could Develop A Cure For It

    Keeping the lockdown going will mean less close contact, Along with the vaccinations making people immune tackling the new cases of the disease, So there for COVID-19 could disappear. It could disappear in the future, Someone could manage to develop a cure for the disease so it could disappear forever and not go round like the common cold or the flu.

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