• Yes, he is on thin ice.

    Vladimir Putin, is running out of options. With the plane exploding and no one taking sides for the blame of it, he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. And now with the oil embargo going on there and the world with there magnifying glasses out watching his every move, he is in serious trouble.

  • Yes crashing oil prices could destroy the fragile Russian economy.

    The crash of the world oil market is crushing Vladimir Putin and the Russian economy. The Russian government relies heavily on oil revenues, over 50 percent of the country's budgeted revenues come from the sale of oil and gas. The Russian Ruble is currently trading down 20% against the dollar.

  • A single product can't crush a whole economy

    While the falling price of oil may hurt Russia's economy, such a large and diverse economy can't be crushed by a single commodity. Much of the world is or has recently been in recession, and in every case life has gone on and the country has developed a solution to the problem. As a leader, Vladimir Putin may initially face blame for the economic ills that follow the falling price of oil, but whether or not it will have a long term negative effect on his career has more to do with how he handles the situation than just the fact that the situation exists in the first place. Putin is an accomplished politician with a lot of experience, and I think it's likely that he will find a way to respond to this looming crisis in a way that helps to minimize its impact and cast him in a positive public light.

  • Putin and oil prices

    Oil prices dropping will have no effect on Vladimir Putin. The oil prices dipping to a new low for this time of year is a calculated and orchestrated plan by Putin. He has been in power for many of years and this is one thing he would not let happen unless there is an unseen plan that he has put in place.

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