• It won't make a difference

    Schindler might be a legend but there are others who can play just better than him and they should get their chance so they can proof themselves but sachin was a great player. But will it effect cricket I don't think so mate. One have to retire and cricket is the best ever game and so if sachin retire cricket would still be gr8

  • Even the greatest have to leave

    Sachin was the greatest player in the world no doubt but one day or another the greatest have to leave. Cricket is a sport after all and has to move on players like Sachin will come round every generation and as spectators we should await them not be stuck on the same point "Oh Sachin has retired cricket won't be the same again". To conclude I will just state that cricket is a sport and if players leave they leave that's how it is it just simply has to move and not pondered on.

  • Sachin's dominance in Cricket will inspire a new generation of great players

    Sachin has dominated Cricket and is regarded the greatest international player to have ever played the sport of Cricket. He will remain in the history books as a legendary player of the sport. While Sachin will be missed by both fans and competitors alike, his accomplishments, accolades, and style of play will never be forgotten. Instead, Sachin will inspire a new generation of Cricket players, that will seek to emulate the great performances of Sachin. Just as Michael Jordan has inspired a new generation of basketball starts, Sachin too will inspire a new generation of cricket stars that will improve and innovate the sport of Cricket.

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