Will cuts to U.S. military spending make the world a better place?

  • The US Military's might has been hijacked by the very same people who have infiltrated our government and own all our politicians.

    The beyond over-bloated military budget is in place to simply serve out the will of the powerful few in pursuit of their globalist agendas at the expense of the rest of us and ultimately the suffering of populations around the world. They make case for their illegal ulterior motive invasions with false flags and false pretenses such as the most recent endeavor, Syria, to rescue them from their big bad dictator who released chemical weapons attack even in knowing doing so would bring about his own invasion from the most ridiculously juiced up military in the world.

    So it's either -
    A: He is perhaps the dumbest leader on the planet seeking his own displacement of power and perhaps death.

    B: The release was propagated by the US themselves or the US funded "rebels" to be used as a catalyst for yet another Midde East conflict for their own purposes.

  • Way to much money spent on war! Yes!!

    Cuts to the US military would Definitely make this world a better place. It is way too damn expensive and all these expenses if you really think about it, are going towards the killing of people and make people suffer from fear. Speaking very general, (since I really don't want to do the math and statistics) what they spend in the military in just one week probably sums up to what a family hopelessly strives for in their employment payroll.

  • So expensive, this!

    While the US may feel its exorbitant military budget justified, the rest of the world does not spend anything like so much money as the US when it comes to 'defense.' In a week, the US military spends enough to send a mission to the moon! The moon! Why can't it cut back on its military attempts to solve the world's problems, and instead try some humanitarian ones instead.

  • Modest cuts, yes.

    I think that modest cuts in the US military will result in less interventionism and less American aggression, which will result in a safer, better world. The US should not go too far; it is relied upon as a "peacekeeper" in some regions and going completely isolationist would likely result in trouble as well. However, moderately cutting back and only intervening in countries that want US help would be a very good step to take.

  • Starting Wars Never Ends Well

    Starting a war and invading a country never ends well. More than 6,000 U.S. troops have been killed since the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans have also been killed as a result. Give peace a chance. American warmongers during the 2000s didn't learn a thing from Vietnam. Cutting spending, and thereby making the military a defense force, would make the rest of the world a better place for sure with less death and destruction.

  • Yes cutting U.S. military spending will make the world a better place

    For one thing, we spend WAY too much money on the military, billions of dollars annually. If we were to cut back on that, it would make our country better by itself alone, as we'd have so much more money freed up to be allocated into other places, money that is much needed I might add. It would help us tremendously.

    Secondly, it would decrease tensions in other countries, as a lot of the problems we have with some of them are based on the fact that we are there when we really have no business being there. It creates unneeded drama and wars that don't need to be happening. I mean, if other countries were occupying our land space, we wouldn't like that right? So why is it ok for us to be doing it to others?

    So yes, across the board, both here and abroad, cutting U.S. military spending would go a long ways toward making the world a better place than it currently is.

  • Military intervention generates enemies for America

    The more the U.S. spends on the military, the more "military intervention" we seem to think we are entitled to assist the world with. As recent, and past military intervention has shown, the more we butt into the rest of the world's issues, the more they despise us. I believe that the higher our military's budget is, the more we will stick our nose where it does not belong, thus the argument for cutting the military's budget is a very valid one!

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