• Yes because fuel makes smoke

    We will be wearing masks in 220 if this pollution keeps up.A few months ago I wrote a opinion piece about saving trees.This is like the same thing we should not smoke or pollute any more.I know we are hard workers to build this stuff but it was a waste of time.

  • Yes, cutting back on fossil fuel will cause less pollution.

    Whether cutting back on fossil fuel will result in a great deal less pollution can not be said right now. But it will make a contribution and that is important. It is also important to act as a symbol that encourages people to be responsible about their use of energy and to cultivate alternative energy sources so the planet is assisted.

  • It Depends on the Fuel

    The question really is not about cutting energy consumption. The question is more about where the energy comes from. Cutting down the use of fossil fuels would cause much less pollution. Cutting down the use of green energy would not impact things one way or another. "Clean" energy does not cause polution.

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