• Yes,Cyber Monday will replace Black Friday.

    Yes, sooner or later many of the shops will transfer their entire Black Friday weekend to online stores, there is a lot of chaos in the shopping malls on Black Friday as well as the risk for theft and injury from so many customers crowded in one place, yet Cyber Monday is more convenient you can buy all you need online without lining up to get into a shop and lining up to check out and better deals.

  • No, Black Friday has always been bigger.

    This year I hardly heard anything about Cyber Monday and special deals for that day. The only Cyber Monday advertisement I saw was on Amazon, but it didn't differ at all because throughout the entire week of Thanksgiving they had Black Friday deals on things like Kindles, phones, and computers. There's no need for them to be separate in the first place, I think it's more likely that Black Friday deals will just be extended throughout the weekend.

  • Cyber Monday Will Not Replace Black Friday Any Time Soon

    In my opinion, Cyber Monday will not replace Black Friday any time soon because there is still many people that are not comfortable with shopping online and giving their personal information to cyber space. Many of the older generations are not used to using the computers let alone buying something they didn't try on. In addition, some people enjoy the rush that Black Friday craziness gives them and it is a whole experience.

  • Black Friday will never be replaced by Cyber Monday

    Black Friday might have seen low numbers in 2014, but Cyber Monday isn't to fault. The shopping holiday is important for retailers but the difficulty in getting items before Christmas might be a difficult for some shoppers who prefer to pick up gifts from the local store. Of course in 2014, the real winner was Thanksgiving shoppers who got great deals after a big meal.

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