• Its so fake

    I get the point of having famous people on the show but its pretty predictable when the big name celebrity is on for a season and they somehow, someway always wind up making to the end. Its just dumb to have a show based on dancing yet its a popularity show, also how many times do we need to watch the same thing with different people?

  • Even though it's had its run, people will continue watching.

    Despite the over-explanatory and obvious statements that show celebrities or "Stars" are human and people just like all the ones that watch them, there will still seem to be people who are interested in observing and watching famous people do things. And, although the show has been running quite a while, I don't think it will be ending that soon due to the very reason that there's still a fad over it watching and observing famous people do things.

  • This show will last

    This show will last. I think Dancing with the Stars is one show that is going to last for a while. I say this because it is clean entertainment. It is a good departure from all the terrible crime shows that are on the small screen. I can't stand all of the blood.

  • Dancing with the Stars will not be cancelled soon.

    Ratings are quite high for this show, and it continues to appeal to a large viewing audience, from children to the elderly. The show attracts a variety of stars and actors, as well as athletes, singers, entertainers, and other celebrities, which adds to its wide appeal. The hosts are entertaining and accomplished, which also adds to the appeal. Therefore, Dancing with The Stars will not be cancelled soon.

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