• He SHOULD be exonerated.

    There are so many things wrong with this testimony that don’t add up. First, Wilson had heard about the shop owner’s store being robbed over the police scanner within the area, so he heard that cigarettes had been stolen. When he stopped to talk to Michael Brown and Johnson, he didn’t know that they had been involved with the robbery. He just saw they had cigarettes in their hands. Naturally, he had a right to be suspicious considering this all happened within a span of fifteen minutes. The way I see it is that he had reason, regardless of race, to suspect about their demeanor and/or the items they were carrying.

    Second, Michael Brown had traces of marijuana in his system. Although people swear this drug does nothing harmful, it clearly distorts a person’s judgment. As seen in the video released where Michael Brown is committed a strong-arm robbery and after an interview with the terrified store owner, he purposefully told the owner that he was taking the cigarettes without any arguments. This doesn't seem like the actions of an "innocent" person.

    Third, the two autopsy reports released so far have all identified that the six bullet wounds Michael sustained were all fired from the front. Johnson claimed that Brown ran away from the officer, but the bullet wounds on his arm say otherwise. It’s not possible for all six bullets to have entered the body from the front while he was running away.

    Fourth, why would Officer Wilson, an officer without any record of discipline and a sworn protector of the public, kill an “innocent” man without any reason? It wouldmake sense if he had a past history with racial profiling or for being a known racist; Wilson wasn’t either of these. Also, there are clear testimonies from people witnessing the shooting that Brown clearly bum-rushed Wilson and punched him in the eye. Would Wilson have a fractured orbital socket (eye) according to Johnson’s story? No. The witnesses said that Brown did run away after he beat Wilson’s face, but then he circled back around. How is Wilson, distorted, half-blinded, and terrified, supposed to know that Brown wasn’t going to get a gun or backup? Wilson knew that Johnson was with Brown, after all. It’s not improbably to assume that Wilson thought Brown was coming back possibly armed and ready to finish him off, explaining he fired the way he did.

    With all of this said I think this case is ridiculous. I’m not trying to play the race card, but by saying Wilson committed “character assassination” against Brown, isn’t that reverse racism? White people are killed by black people every day and those cases don’t receive any news media of this magnitude of scrutiny. It’s the outsiders, the extremist groups, and people like Al Sharpton that are trying to turn this into something it’s simply not (or has not yet been proven to be): a case of classical racism.

  • Not with the evidence

    Both investigations of Brown's body prove Wilson's case. The third will do so also. As well as that the video shows someone saying that Brown fought the cops, and begin to charge them. In the end, the evidence shows that the boy stole from the store and bullied the owner, and the only person who saw the whole thing said in the video that he charged the police.

    There is no evidence that he acted wrongly, but plenty that support his story.

  • Yes, Darren Wilson will be exonerated

    Yes, Darren Wilson will be exonerated in the shooting of Michael Brown I believe that eventually the evidence will show that Darren Wilson acted appropriately. However, this will take some time to prove. It will be a long process but eventually I believe he will be proven innocent, much to the dismay of the citizens of Ferguson.

  • Exonerate Officer Wilson

    There is no crime in defending one's life. I don't care that he was shot 6 times. When you are defending your life you have a right to do whatever it takes to take your aggressor down. These a**holes that are supporting Brown want transparency but then get mad when they are given the evidence that their hero thug was to blame for his own death. That should not surprise anyone since his mother wanted the police to suppress the fact that she attacked one of her own relatives. These criminals have no regard for human lives. They want to be able to kill or try to kill someone and then protest when they are the ones killed.

  • Without a Doubt

    As more honest evidence is compiled, this officer reacted as he should. Brown was a HUGE and dangerous man and he went too far one too many times. All the ruckus caused over this was driven by racially driven people, the blacks in this case. They do this as often as they can to stir up the pot, get more freebies and to perpetuate the racial crisis in our country. It's not the whites, it's the blacks. It's time for them to stop!!!

  • Let's examine it from Wilson's best arguments

    The police dept said [in their latest version recollection] that Brown was suspected of stealing less than 50 dollars worth of cigars from a convenience store in a strong armed robbery. Suspected but let's just assume that he did do it, let's not notice how all of their stories are contradictory, let's forget that his hands were in the air [as told by ever non-police witness], and was unarmed. Also forget he was shot 6 times. Forget all of it. Let's assume he stole the cigars. Since when has the punishment been execution on the spot for stealing something as petty as that. What he did would be a class A misdemeanor according to Missouri law that says a person can not be imprisoned longer than a year or fined more than 1,000 USD. Capital punishment is not the penalty for what he did and IS a cruel and unusual punishment violating the US constitution. Last time I checked, right to fair trial said "Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him." and applies to Brown as well. Once again another violation in the Missouri constitution AND the USA constitution. He won't be exonerated and will probably be given a pretty harsh punishment as he should be given.

  • Not with all the protests!

    I hope not! There has been plenty of people protesting, and a lot of news coverage on this case. Shooting someone who has no weapon and who has their arms up is so screwed up! We need to be able to trust the people who's jobs are to "protect and serve" us. Whatever happened to that?!

  • That is doubtful if justice is to be served

    Most of what I have heard seems to indicate he is guilty. Of course it's possible that he will be let go. Police are more likely to get away with these things.

    Many people who think he is innocent complain about the rioters. I agree people should not riot or loot. But the police response was also inappropriate. People seem to forget that both sides in a given case can be wrong and in different ways. People shouldn't riot or loot but cops need to keep their responses proportionate and certainly have no reason to attack members of the press.

    And shooting an unarmed teenager particularly when he's indicated he has surrendered is not justified. It doesn't matter if he did steal something. Murder is not the appropriate penalty for theft. The cop didn't need to use his gun. He could've easily tackled him and cuffed him.

  • Wilson is guilty of murder.

    Wilson said Brown went for his gun. We've not heard one witness say that they saw Browns head in Wilsons SUV.

    Wilson said that he suffered scratches and a swollen face. However no photos because there was no report.

    Wilson shot twice in the car before Brown ran. Wilson shot several more times while Brown was running and stopped. Where was the threat from Brown?

    Brown was shot and bleeding but he decided to bum rush Wilson, even though Wilson had already shot Brown once before.

    Brown was ready to kill a police officer and ruin his own life behind a box of cigars. He was willing to take the officers gun and kill him in broad daylight down the street from his home?

    Does Brown have a right to fall forward when shot in the lower part of his body?

    Was brown charging with his head down, not looking where he was going? That's what the officer said about the fatal kill shot. Î

  • Not if this case is treated like any other shooting/self defense case.

    It is sad that people are so focused on race that the overwhelming issues are being over looked. I would like why all people with so much focus on the race issue think it is going to be proven that there was some violation of civil liberties here? Even if it was, how is that going to be proved? I'm sure he is not running around waving a white power flag. Unless this guy is unbelievably stupid, they will not find anything there in the investigation.

    So you have the testimony of a police officer, the eye witness reports, the autopsy findings, and video accounts to as evidence. We all know what both sides have said happened. The most important information that I have seen so far is the autopsy findings. There was no trace of gun powder on the young man according to the findings. This to me says that there was distance between the two for every shot fired. The law states that once the threat on life has been taken away, you can not keep firing that weapon. Even if Mr. Brown was charging the officer, I think somewhere between the 1st and 5th shot the officer could have subdued the suspect without another shot.

    The problem that sticks out to me is the lack of control measures.

    1) Why does this patrol unit not have a camera? According to the Ferguson PD, racial tension between the PD and citizens is high in the area. Why would you not have video protection for both sides?

    2) Why is it legally possible to keep details about the incident from family of the victim? The response from FPD was that they can legally do it if the information might possibly put the accused in danger. DEAD WRONG! That same argument can be made in almost any situation, but the name of the accused comes out. This is unfair. Do you know how much of an advantage the FPD has . They had time to dig into any information on Mr. Brown that could be of some advantage, while at the same time going cleaning up the image of Mr. Wilson on social media.

    To me I see to groups of people protesting, the angry youth that are not smart enough to channel there energy into something less damning, and people that no longer want officers of the law to be allowed to act above the law and are being vocal, not criminal.

    If it was my community I would not be in the streets, I would be on the phone and on the doorstep of every elected politician in my district. I would be demanding transparency laws and protocols to protect civilians and law enforcement when there is a loss of life.

    Lastly, I pose a question. If this same incident did not involve law enforcement, would it have been handled the same way? Shot six times, no weapon, witnesses, not close range..Self defense?

  • You have to have a trial to be exonerated.

    The police took a week to get their story out which is little more than a bunch of criminals in power taking the time to get their story strait. The police will do everything to make sure this never goes to trial, and the protesters know this, and that's why they're mad.

    So all we're left with for a "trial" is the court of public opinion. Which is very unfair, and once its mind is made up is pretty much written in stone. Very few people are going to see lethal force as necessary for getting a kid out of the middle of the street. Fewer people are going to see that the gun shots to the back of the head that were the lethal shots as necessary given the other shots should have immobilized him. And only idiots will think an officer who was unaware of a petty theft would be justified in killing an unarmed suspect. Without additional evidence no ones opinion will change, and the public wants an arrest, and a trial. Until the police decide that they need a trail to end this there will be no exoneration.

    If this was a rich white kid I have little doubt the cop would at least have to stand trial, and would all ready be on its way.

  • Darren Wilson is a Police Officer.

    That is their JOB stupid and you PAY them to protect you. They LEGALLY carry a gun and any IDIOT who charges a police officer deserves what they get. GET REAL and GROW UP!

    Cops make mistakes all the time (even with WHITE people they wrongly arrest) but you still don't charge an officer. That's what attorneys' are for...To CHARGE the Policemen with a CRIME.

  • Wilson Overreacts In Fatal Shooting

    The question of whether Officer Darren Wilson was justified in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown is still to be decided. As the National Guard was called in to quell riots protesting the shooting in Ferguson, the Attorney General became involved by requesting an additional autopsy. One must ask why an officer would discharge his gun 6 times into an unarmed suspect. Execution may be a term that is aptly applied when the results are in.

  • No, Darren Wilson will not be exonerated in the shooting of Michael Brown because the victim was unarmed.

    Darren Wilson shot an unarmed man, multiple times, in broad daylight, and with multiple witnesses at the scene. Michael Brown's hands were up in the sign of surrender when the officer continued to shoot. It is criminal to shoot an unarmed person in the process of surrendering under any circumstances and Darren Wilson will be convicted for his crime.

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-08-19T08:53:32.357
This case reminds me a lot about the 2011 London Riots when the victim was also labelled innocent. Turns out that Mark Duggan in that case was anything but innocent. The best thing that can happen is wait until all the evidence is in and then see what the truth is.