• David Bowie will always be remembered by the music community!

    David Bowie will always be remembered by the music community! His groundbreaking contributions to popular culture included being one of the first rock stars to be a popular film actor. He fashion in the forefront in a way no one ever had. He incorporated Black American soul music into his act at a time when it was not fully appreciated as an art form. He was one of MTV’s unlikely first superstars in the early 1980s.

  • Yes it will

    David Bowie was an absolute legend in the music industry. His legacy will certainly be remembered for years to come. He influenced many of today's artists and I expect he will influence many artists in the future. His music will definitely not be forgotten and I expect his legacy will live on.

  • David Bowie has left a legacy that will be remembered for many years to come.

    David Bowie was an incredible musician, painter and actor that was prominent in the art and entertainment industry for over five decades. He had several Platinum albums, countless number one hits, various successful films, and a long list of other major accomplishments in his career. In 1999, Bowie was named Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French governemnt, an accomplishment bestowed to few. Bowie had undoubtedly built a legacy that will exceed him for years to come.

  • He'll be remember as an influential artist

    I believe David Bowie legacy is assured and with the passing of time, we shall learn to appreciate his talents even more. Not only did he influence the world of music, he managed to transcend it whilst managing to gain fans from other industries such as fashion and cinema. It is also clear after having witnessed the outpouring of tributes from fans and musicians alike, that the man left indelible mark throughout his time on this earth.

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