Will David Moyes be a good replacement for Alex Ferguson?

  • Yes, David Moyes will capably replace Alex Ferguson.

    I believe David Moyes will be quite a suitable replacement for Alex Ferguson. Like Ferguson, he's a Scot. The Manchester United players have a degree of familiarity with Moyes already, and they like him. This will work to the team's favor, for chemistry, and for the player-coach relationships. In addition, Moyes was recommended by Ferguson.

  • Yes, David Moyes will be a great replacement for Alex Ferguson.

    I have no doubt that David Moyes will be a good replacement for Alex Ferguson. Throughout his career as a player, I was impressed by his ability to kick a ball down a field and occasionally hit the ball with his head. In his career as a coach, he's been able to apply this great knowledge of the sport to guide other players their careers.

  • No, David Moyes will be a terrible replacement for Alex Ferguson.

    David Moyes doesn't seem to have the leadership ability and the knowledge of the sport that made Alex Ferguson such a great sport. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that he was even considered for the job. I've found many of the decisions he's made in the past to be questionable, and I was never impressed with his ability to kick a ball when he was a player.

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