Will DDO members ever stop spamming about the "fat guy" or the "body shamer" guy?

  • I hope. I really do.

    Hi I'm "the fat spammer" I am currently at war with the body shaming jerk. I will stop when I get an account if he stops. Until then I am prepared to offer a truce, Respond if you're interested or include it in your comment to this opinion because you don't have an account.

  • I don't see it ending anytime soon

    I think just like the coronavirus pandemic in the real world, We have the fat guy/body shamer guy spam pandemic on DDO. Its clogging up the opinion section here with almost the same debates but just spammed. I honestly do not care about a "fat guy who lives in their moms basement" or "the body shamer guy". Please just stop and post about other topics

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