Will Democrats be Able to Lie Their Way Again, to Win 2016? And are American's Dumb Enough to Believe Them Once More?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • It's not about what you say...:

    ... But how you say it. Politics has been an empty game long before these modern elections. The population is too big. The uneducated and really uninterested are too many. Being able to "take the gold" is just a matter of making your side sound more awesome than their side.

  • Will Americans be dumb enough to vote for either side? YES!

    I agree with the other guy here. Romney did attack Obama and pretty much destroyed him in the Debates. Americans are stupid and easily shuffled around like the flock of sheep they are.

    The real issue is that neither side is very good for the American people, but not very many people recognize even the idea that, maybe, just maybe, neither side is "right" or will ever do anything that enacts real change because of the conflict of interests in modern politics.

  • American's Believe Anything. Easily Fooled!

    It couldn't have been more clear and obvious to the world, that Mitt Romney was the better pick in 2012. But what happened? The Democrats blacked out the media on Romney's campaigns, promised lower taxes, promised lower taxes, promised better economy, promised more jobs, promised stronger immigration control, promise peace and stability. And the American people believed it. A great leader and presidential candidate will never make promises he couldn't keep. And that's the screwed up irony in politics that American's never get, and greatly suffer for.

  • Hooray for mindless support!

    Always predictable how the dye-in-the-wool conservatives are so quick to cast blame on the liberal government, while the hardcore liberals do the same when conservatives are in charge.

    You guys can't seem to figure it out that neither party seems to be doing any good for us, yet you keep spouting about how when your party is in charge everything is going to get better.

    The only way we're going to create a successful government is if we find a balance between the two. And we, the voters, begin voting as though the government is in place to serve us, not the other way around.

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