• Yes, they will.

    The democrats will fair well in the next major election. This is because Hillary Clinton will run for president. This will create a large turnout amongst Democrats in all states. This large turnout will ensure that close seats in the house and senate are heavily contested from the Democrat side.

  • The Republicans do not have a message.

    Yes, the Democrats will fair well in the next major election in 2016, because they have a clear message to people. The Republican party does not have a clear agenda, and there is a big disagreement in the party as to where to go with party goals. The Republican party is not listening to its constituency. Until it can do that, it will continue to lose elections.

  • No, because Americans often swing from one side to the next.

    It seems like a lot of the time in politics, Americans tend to swing from one side to the other. They tend to get upset with the current politicians, and then move more toward thinking the other side will be able to fix the problems. Because of that, we tend to see that things change from election to election. I feel that we may have a Republican President as a result of the next election. But it remains to be seen, and a lot of things can change between then and now.

  • No, they will fare poorly due the the Obama administration's poor performance.

    Democrats will not fare well in the major election in 2016 because the population of the United States is tired of the way that the Obama administration has handled the last eight years. We can look at two major examples of poor performance that has strained the credibility of the Obama administration and see how the voters and citizens of the United States are ready for a change. First of all, if we look at all of the questions surrounding the Benghazi attack that led to the death of Americans in Libya, we can say that the very least this situation was poorly handled and most likely preventable. Although President Obama himself may not be fully responsible, it is the politicians that he placed in charge that completely mishandled the security risks involved in protecting our Ambassador and those charged with his protection that led to their deaths. The second major faux pas of this administration is the failure of Obama care. Again, credibility has been strained to say in the least when we look at how many times Mr. Obama has had to back track and justify statements that he made concerning his health care plan that have proved to be simply untrue. Not only do the American people feel that they have been lied to, they have to be questioning the leadership of Mr. Obama and his administration regarding the bumbling and utter failure of smooth transitions, lack of information, and overall confusing nature of the health care reform enacted by the administration. While there are many other failings on the part of the Obama administration, it is my belief that these two in particular, will be the key to the undoing of the Democratic party thus leading to their failure to win many positions in the major election of 2016.

  • In 2016, Democrats will be less successful than usual.

    No, the Democrats will not fair well in the next major election (2016) due to people being frustrated with the current administration, which is Democratic, and the performance of Congress. When people feel frustrated with their leaders, they will raise their voice with their votes. So come 2016, people will likely vote against the current ruling party, and Democrats will not fair well.

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