Will Democrats finally realized Obama has destroyed their Party?

Asked by: KonservativeDi
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  • No, because he didn't

    He was a great president, and so I turn the question to you, after Trump's presidency, "Will the Republicans finally realize that Trump has destoryed their party?". He took over 8 years ago in 2008, during many financial crises and has brought America back from the brink of ruin. I mean seriously, Osama Bin Laden is dead, enough said.

  • No, Democrats can't handle the truth

    The Obama Administration came into office in 2008 with a standing debt of 7.4 trillion, as of November of 2016 we are closing in on 20 Trillion. As he came into office he put stringent laws on the oil and mining industry, the Unemployed citizens in Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and the Dakota's can thing Obama for helping them lose their job. That industry tanked thanks to him. He passed stringent tax laws on companies, because the liberals think we need more "clean" jobs instead of manufacturing. So the unemployed in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania can thank Obama again! So now we ship manufacturing jobs overseas then buy those goods right back! We lose jobs and lose money. We're still in a pointless war in the Middle East, where I remember Obama saying he would pull us out of that war before he was out of office, didn't happen. And we still fund a pointless UN because we do all their dirty work. UN sanctions on North Korea and Russia won't do anything. The Obama administration hasn't done anything positive. He won't support our police officers, so we now have ignorant national riots. The liberals can't see past their own thoughts; They expect the world to be all rainbows and peace, but it isn't. They just can't see the truth and handle it. Thank god Presidents only get 2 terms.

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