• Dems will vote!

    Us dems are going to come out in bigger numbers than ever in 2014---we see what the repubs are trying to do to all of us!---fool us once shame on you-fool us twice-SHAME ON US!---WE WILL WIN!--Wait until 2016-red repubs- we are going to send you all packing-and that includes any gop presidential hopeful---Good ALWAYS triumphs EVIL!

  • Democrats win in 2014

    Republicans trying to eliminate overtime pay for the 59% of the American workforce that are hourly workers. Bad social policies and the religious right will be suppressed by the average citizen. The Republicans' continuous idea that the wealthy are the job creators. Republicans catering to big business will kill them.

  • Yes because the Democratic party has adapted to what people want and NEED them to be.

    I would say most of my life I would consider myself a republican, but the party is just lost. It is almost like they want to loose and alienate people. I wish there would be a strong candidate that will truly take on overspending and try to include all Americans in there plan. If I have to chose though I would go with a democratic candidate that overspends, but tries to help all Americans. Republicans are the biggest problem with moving our country forward and the population as a whole sees that. That is why President Obama was re-elected. That is why I am proud to say I voted for him even though I wouldn't say I'm a democrat. Times change and the government needs to change with them. I also see several potentially strong candidates for the democrats, but none for the republicans.

  • Yes, if the Republicans keep it up.

    The Republicans are beginning to fit the definition of insanity in that they keep responding in the same way to situations hoping to get a different result. I don't know if there are many people who think that they are not to blame for the current cuts due to the sequestration, and those have yet to begin to have an ongoing impact on many people's lives. They seem oblivious.

  • Yes because of Paul Ryan.

    Paul Ryan and his new budget is an embarrassment to the GOP and all conservatives in the United States of America. Barack Obama benefited from the horrible job that George W. Bush did in office and the democrats will benefit from this year's republicans. Republicans are to blame for the sequestration and that will help democrats win in 2014.

  • Yes, But Like Wishful Thinking On My Part

    The Republican part has aimed big and last very badly in the past few election cycles. Currently, Republicans are seen as the people responsible for the current gridlock. So, it is possibly that they can be tossed out. However, many of those Republicans sit in specially redrawn districts that makes them hard to beat.

    Posted by: rpr
  • GOP: The party of Hate, Greed, and the American Taliban

    Democrats will win back the House of Representatives in 2014, because the Republican party has blocked every single piece of legislation that would benefit Americans. The people are tired of a do-nothing congress riddled with fake scandals and bought with Commercial greed. The people want a congress to work for them and not corporate America.

  • Absolutely . Down with Conservatism!

    The Republican Party will not get the support from the upcoming generation because of their anti-gay status and other factors such as student loans. They are so backwards thinking. Women, immigrants, gays, college students, and the middle class will vote democrat. It's definitely tone for them to go. Hello Liberalism. :)

  • Democrats won plurality vote in 2012 and still Pelosi did not get HER gavel back because of GOP tricks.

    Democrats will gain seats in the house in 2014 but not enough to gain the gavel. The gain for Democrats? Between 0 and 5 as voter turnout and interest usually falls during midterms. Still, a loss of seats would meet Boehner will be thrown out as Speaker just as Gingrich was thrown out in 1998. Democrats have the demographic advantage, Republicans have the structural advantage.

  • No way they can win

    With gerrymandering even if democrats win popular vote by sizable margin, they would still not control house. Also please consider that second term president party never does good in mid term poll. Moreover minority votes which come out in large number in president's election, are not that enthusiastic in mid term election.

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