• It is a possible achievement.

    I actually ditched Halo after I started playing this game a few months back. My favorite part is the pretty creative weapons and armor, as well as some innovative PvP matches. I like the way this game is headed, considering it is a ten year plan for this game. I also like the raids in destiny and how they are a more challenging and unique gameplay mechanic.

  • Ha ha ha

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  • Destiny is False

    Destiny is the impediment of false advertising don't think the future of the franchise (if possible) will outwit a long running series from 2001.That's your opinion how you want it to be,either way its going to be LONG before it outwits Halo for about 9 years of production and money.

  • I don't think it will

    Halo is easily more popular than Destiny, Destiny is still a new game, I'm pretty sure that it's going to take more than one Destiny to beat all of the halos there are. I like Destiny, but it's going to have to be a heck of a game to beat halo. I feel that there are more things to do in halo, and to me, the online gameplay is better.

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