• Technology and medicine have made so much progress

    I truly hope diabetes can be cured in the next 5 years. We know how to treat diabetes, and live with it. There have been advances in scientific research, medical knowledge and technology. Who knows what will happen in the next 5 years, especially with progress in engineering and re-generating islet cells.

  • Diabetes will not be cured that fast.

    The illness of diabetes has a long way to go before medicine finds a cure. The reason I don't see a short-term cure is because people's lifestyles have a lot to do with how well they manage diabetes and how much it affects their life. I think the resolution is currently more about lifestyle and self-control than any kind of intervention/outside cure.

  • Chronic diseases in general have not been curable to date.

    There are many chronic diseases, including diabetes, that plague modern society. As of today, most drug therapy helps to treat symptoms, but it does not cure chronic disease. Even though medicine is getting better over time, we need to see evidence that chronic diseases of any form can be cured by drug therapy before making the case that diabetes or other chronic diseases can be cured.

  • No, diabetes will not be cured in the next five years.

    Diabetes will not be cured in five years because there is too much money to be made off of testing supplies, insulin, and other diabetes medications. Big Pharma will not spend the money to cure a disease because simply treating it is more profitable. Additionally, few chronic diseases ever find cures, simply treatments, so I doubt diabetes will be cured.

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