Will differences in other policy areas be made if Obama is ultimately victorious on health care?

  • Yes, of course.

    Differences in other policy areas be made if Obama is ultimately victorious on health care, because it shows his good ideas actually work. And they do. Obamacare is a great program and it's going to save the United States a lot of money while improving health care and saving many more lives per year.

  • I believe so

    It is safe to assume, that there are more policy changes that needs to be made to the economy and
    and since the health care is one of such policies, I would say that yes, if the president is victorious he would definitely be introducing more policies that are different.

  • Yes, Obama will make other policies if Obamacare is successful.

    I definitely think that if Obamacare proves to be ultimately victorious, then Obama will make changes in other policies. He will use the success of the health care program to convince other politician to helping him change other aspects of the government. The only thing is, I don't think Obamacare will be successful.

  • Victorious in Health Care

    I think that Obama will have to look elsewhere in order to fund what he is trying to do with health care. I think everyone should have some sort of health coverage but it is not fair to the people who work 60 hour weeks who continue to pay for what others do not want to work for.

  • Too little, too late

    President Obama was ultimately victorious on health care, although not without a lot of concessions to the GOP and the insurance lobbyists. It was something Obama promised all the way back in 2008 and hasn't come into effect until just recently. There's no time for him to actually live up to any of his promises at that rate.

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