• dion the savior

    Dion Waters was a very important part of his previous team where his team reached new heights with his help. He is a talented player with potential ahead of him and fill in the void in Oklahoma City Thunder. He is very tough and can win matches on his own.

  • Waiters Perfect Shooter

    Dion Waiters is the perfect shooter and scorer so he will have much to contribute to Oklahoma City. He plays about six minutes per game and that is less than the last season. The team is really excited about Dion. Watch how much he can do as a great player.

  • Waters Is a Solid Addition for the Thunder

    Dion Waters is not a great player, and isn't really even an All-Star. That however, won't prevent him from being a solid addition to the Oklahoma City Thunder's rotation. They already have their top two options in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, when they are both healthy of course, and Waters should fit in nicely after them. Durant will also be a bit more helpful to him than King Lebron was in Cleveland, possibly due to rumored personal issues between them.

  • Dion Waters will not fit in well with Oklahoma City's current lineup.

    Two of the league's top scorers, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, are responsible for the majority of the team's offense. Waters will play third wheel to Durant and Russell, who require possession of the ball to do what they are good at.

    Dion Waters will be additional possession competition for these two.

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