Will Disney's "Into the Woods" be suitable for children and parents alike?

  • Into the Woods will be for children and parents

    Disney "Into the Woods" will be suitable for parents as well as children. It will keep parents interested as well as keep children interested with the familiarity of the classic fairy tales. The actors will also spark the interest of the parents. The children will enjoy having something to watch with their parents.

  • Stephen Sondheim Reveals Disney's Sanitized Plot Changes For 'Into the Woods'

    In a recent article in The New Yorker, Sondheim revealed the various changes that Disney has made to his Broadway hit, and fans will likely be disappointed (warning: some spoilers ahead). Where to start? How about the sexually charged encounter between Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford) and the Wolf (Johnny Depp). According to Sondheim, Disney had "objections" over how it originally played with the Wolf lusting after a little girl, and it doesn't end there with the stuff they didn't like about the original "Into The Woods."

  • I am not sure

    As the movie "Into the Woods" has not been rated yet, and I can find no hint at anything suggesting an age appropriation, I cannot give an accurate opinion as to whether this movie will be appropriate for all audiences or not. I'm sure a more accurate opinion could be given in a month or two.

  • No, it won't be.

    The original play that this movie will be based on was definitely not suitable for children. I don't think that everything Disney produces needs to be specifically for families. The original play was incredibly witty and well written. I think this version looks even better with some great actors added.

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