Will Donald Trump actually make "America Great Again?"

Asked by: colester112
  • What he said.^

    People close to Hillary who go against her just seem to, oh, I don't know? Drop Dead? 1. JAMES MCDOUGAL
    McDougal was a convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons who died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in the investigation of Special Prosecutor Ken Starr.
    The Baltimore Sun’s Carl M. Cannon wrote on March 9,1998:
    James B. McDougal, a former Clinton business partner who had been cooperating with independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr in the Whitewater investigation, died yesterday in a federal prison hospital in Texas. He was 58.

  • He already is making a difference.

    Donald Trump has already stopped companies from leaving the United States. While what he has said during the election was terrible. I have too look at the facts and he has already given a boost in the American economy. Now he hasn't made America great again, but I'm simply stating that he is looking good on affairs. My only concern is if he will actually keep his promises in office.

  • Who's Greatness Given?

    Donald Trump promises to make America great again unfortunately I feel that statement means a lot of different things for many different people and as we all know you can't please everyone. So my conclusion is Donald Trump will not make America great again because the populace has conflicting views on what greatness is.

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