• Yes he will.

    I'm not even going to waste time explaining why. If you want reasons, go through my post history. Df v rfv r aerf vfdv dwf vdfg v fgb reg v dfv fg vd fv df vdf v df vbfd vd v fdgb fdg bfsg b dfg b f vbsdf vsdf fdvewf.

  • Mickey Mouse is My Man!

    Trump is a reality TV star and huge long time professional wrestling fan. The last president we had with that kind of temperament was Andrew Jackson and, despite bringing new meaning to the word nepotism, he was at least actually a veteran and knew something about commanding troops that didn't come from a TV show.

  • No, he will not.

    Donald Trump is a raging lunatic. Hannah Hart said on @midnight last night that Donald Trump seems like the movie Big was real and he was really a kid in old man's body, and what she said makes the most sense. I think he sounds like a spoiled brat who never grew up.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    Donald Trump is suddenly confronted with a test faced by every candidate with serious designs on the White House: He must prove he's fit and ready to be commander in chief. The real estate mogul has drawn attention to his readiness and knowledge of national security with a series of controversial comments over the past several weeks critical of decades of U.S. strategic orthodoxy pursued by Republicans and Democrats alike.

  • No, Donald Trump will not be a competent Commander in Chief.

    No, Donald Trump will not be a competent Commander in Chief because he does not know how to run a country. He is a failed businessman who used his father's money to get ahead. What does he know about the United States? He would be a massive failure as president.

  • No, Donald Trump will not be a competent Commander-in-Chief.

    No, Donald Trump will not be a competent Commander-in-Chief of the United States. He does not have the political experience needed to run the highest governmental office of the country. If Trump is interested in a political career, he should first run for a smaller office, such as state representative. That way, he can gain the knowledge and experience needed to be President.

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