• Well you're wrong

    First of all it is unfair to call Trump a warmonger because the president that all those people voted for, Obama, has us in 7 wars right now and has mishandled isis. A new method was needed in the whitehouse because Hillary had the same policies and people were fed up with that.

  • Fueled by Hate

    I am not saying Hilary would be better at the president position, but Trump's campaign was ran off of hate. Just because one has opposing beliefs and acts a way that you do not seem right doesn't mean you have to hate them. Ethical human beings are supposed to love one another in a respective manner at least no matter what/who they believe in, what race they are, what sexual preference they choose and so forth. This goes for most religious stand points as to love one another no matter what because that is the religious teaching from the Holy texts and God(s).

  • I don't think so

    Trump is the kind of person who in my eyes will drag the US in to another war were more people will die and come up with such restrictive and stupid bills that the united states will find it’s self suffering both financially and politically. Bottom line he's just another Bush!

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