Will Donald Trump be a good president or not?

Asked by: Dumy15
  • VOTE4TRUMP2K16... So absolutely.

    Trump is a brilliant man, labeled by democratic, ignorant people as racist. Saying mexicans coming illegally through our border are bad people is not racist. He will build the wall, and fix our immigration problem. Deporting all the illegal immigrants is a great idea, fixing our government and our debt is a great idea, and creating a global safe zone is a great idea.

  • He would do a good job

    Not ideal; however, I think he would do a decent job. After all, he is a businessman and a VERY successful person. If he can make good deals in business, I'm sure he can make fantastic foreign deals with leaders of other countries. I especially like his plans on immigration and stances against "political correctness". He isn't very good on social issues though, which is the main reason why he isn't my number one choice.

  • He is unpredictable and has no self awareness.

    I lean towards the libertarian side politically, so i am not some "sjw pinko commie cuck". Despite that, i am not in favor of The Donald
    Donald Trump has no understanding of budgets. He went bankrupt four times and his economic plan involves cutting taxes and raising spending, especially on the military but also on infrastructure and law enforcement. He is also trigger ☺, so that could result in a poorly timed joke during let's say... A crisis in the South China Sea which could fully awaken the sleeping Chinese dragon. Also, i don't trust Trump with 8,000 nuclear weapons or with improving our already terrible foreign image (largely shattered by Dubya Bush, not Obama as many trump supporters may say). While i do not believe Trump is a Fascist or one who does not have America's best interest in mind, he is clearly arrogant and has no understanding of what his presidency would do to The World's image of America and its people.

  • He's a nincompoop

    If Donald Trump were president, we would be an embarrassment of epic proportions to the country. Running a business is not the same as running a country. He has no trace of leadership in him, just pride and vanity. Did you hear his comments after the Paris attacks? "Victims should have had guns", and "We must shut down all the mosques in this country". Seriously?

  • What a joke!

    Trump is a complete embarrassment to himself and his family to even believe he can run for president. Essentially, the thing many people like about Trump is how he says what needs to be heard, I'll admit that's probably the only "good" thing about Trump. And then again, he makes racist remarks against the immigrants in the U.S. The U.S was and still is a country of immigrants; people assume he would be the perfect candidate because he's intelligent for building a great life for himself. That doesn't mean that he'll build a great life for us, Americans. He has ZERO government experience. Sure, he's successful but businesses owned by him have filed bankruptcy four times. Trump is more interested in self promotion than the American citizens. If he does become president, I'm moving as far as I can. Logically, do you want a narcissistic, reality tv star in charge of our wars?

  • No, No, No, No, and a few more Nos

    Would someone like Donald Trump lead this country? First, let's take a look at this. Trump to our great nation = a loser to awesomeness. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There is no way he can face terrorism or our state of being in debt to China. He might be able to control his money, but controlling a country's money is different. You can't buy stock or some other things like that. Most likely he will raise our taxes to pay off the debt, but that will not work. If he wins the election, then our citizens who voted for him will regret their decision.

  • A potato would be a better president than him

    Donald Trump is ignorant and racist. A potato would be a better president than him. He will take the progress America has made over the years and destroy it. He would also stir up more trouble with foreign affairs, especially with Mexico. He has no experience with politics. He's just some stupid rich white guy who thinks he is the most perfect thing in this world.

  • Totally not happening

    Donald Trump is a narcissist, self loving, and just plain ridiculous person. He's reckless, and unnecessarily critical of others. He has stated that if he is elected, all Americans would be saying "Merry Christmas." In other words, he wants a national religion. This. Is. America. That's not happening. He has also stated that he would bomb the [insert swear here] out of ISIS. While I wished it worked that way, it would be too reckless and risky. He is racist towards Mexicans, and sexist towards women. He is also manipulative, winning over the weak minded voters (not shaming anyone in particular) by shading various candidates, the less than liked ones, which IMO, is kind of ironic. America would pretty much lose all of our dignity if Trump was president.

  • NO he will not

    I think Donald Trump is winning because he may have paid off some people to vote for him. He has no idea how to run a country. It's way harder than running a business. And when it comes down to war, well let's just say that our country won't "Murica'" no more.

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