• Yes, I think so.

    He will lose this election badly, by which I mean poorly. Exceedingly poorly. The bad news: After he does so, he will take his wounded pride and his seething, tiny-fingered resentment to war against USA country. Not for this country. But against it. Because for all the haziness surrounding his agenda, his policies, the true colors of his hair and his heart, one thing has become crystal clear: Donald Trump is an enemy of the people.
    He will lose the popular vote, and he will lose the electoral vote, but he will act as if none of this matters, because it doesn't—to him.

  • Trump on track to lose general election

    The controversial comments Donald Trump made about women years ago have served as the final nail in the coffin of his presidential campaign. There is also some truth to his complaint that most of the media is biased against him and not reporting the election fairly. Regardless, it is all but officially over for him.

  • Yes, Donald Trump will lose big in the election.

    Yes, Donald Trump will lose big in the election because he is not appealing to any undecided voters. He is currently down in the polls and will not gain any new people. Hillary Clinton will continue to win swing states and pick up undecided voters between now and election day.

  • No, I Believe Trump Will Win the Election.

    No, I do not believe that Trump will lose big in the election. Rather I feel that Trump is going to shock everyone and win big. These polls that are always taken to show how many points a candidate is ahead by are complete speculation. They do not take into consideration the entire voting population of this country. Many Trump supporters are not people that would participate in these polls and I think it will be surprising when they call come out to vote for him.

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