• Yes, he will win.

    Trump is riding a wave of support ahead of the other candidates. With his money and name recognition, he will cinch the Republican nomination. If Bernie Sander gets the Democratic nomination, which seems more of a possibility, this will be a truly populist election for the first time in memory.

  • He has already lost

    If you analyze the pools and results so far it becomes clear that he has already lost the race. He has accumulated all the support he can get and it's not enough. He hasn't broken 40 percent that's not enough when Rubio is surging and after Bush and kaisich drop out Rubio will the majority of their voters this will put him right very close to trump. Now there is the matter of unpledged delegates the republican version of super delegates. These are delegates that can vote however they want. Nearly all of them will go to Rubio. So even if Rubio doesn't get the majority he will still win.

    When republicans are polled on who they will not vote for Trump got 40 percent. That's more than will vote for him.

  • Republicans will (Hopefully) Wake Up and Open Their Eyes

    Trump is a bully and has proven himself to be ignorant on many fronts. While he has said things aloud that many people think, and does have some good ideas (mixed in with very very bad ideas), I don't believe that people truly want a racist bully running our country.

  • The train will be derailed

    I believe conservative voters will soon realize, especially since Cruz and Rubio are now exposing him, that Trump has a long record of liberal ideas and will not hold up to his status as a "Republican." More voters will switch to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and one of these two will be the Republican party nominee.

  • Donald Trump wont' win the Republican nomination

    Even if he's ahead in the polls that are taken by the media companies, I can't see that the Republican party would put this particular man forward as a man to lead the United States. First and foremost, they'd be sealing their own demise in the election as who, in good conscious, would vote him in? It would be a disaster.

  • Anyone other than Trump!

    It is a my sincere hope that Trump is not the elected candidate for the Republican nomination. As a registered Republican, who occasionally swings democrat, I think we have done a poor job of securing a republican president for the next term. We had a long time to choose wisely for this current election year and I think we fell short. If Trump is the republicans greatest chance at winning the election we have failed. Though he may fiscally know how to support a nation, he in no way should be anywhere near the White House.

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