Will Donald Trump run for president in 2016?

Asked by: Jman9000
  • He already is running... You r question doesn't make sense now

    Yeah, not only is he running but he is also winning every pole that he's been put in. I personally love the guy it's long past time we had a president who actually loved America and wanted people to KEEP their rights instead of surrendering them to the sissy socialist democrats.

  • Um. He already is...

    Donald Trump already announced his candidacy so I don't know what the question is. If you are asking about whether he will win, I would have to say no. He is radical and appeals to the primary voters but is too radical for the moderates and semi-conservatives due to his extreme views.

  • Trains are good for the health

    Donald Trump hates trains so he wont run for president. If he does run for president in 2016 the trains will find him in his sleep and try to keep him healthy but when they realize he's a train hater they will put him out of his misery this will scare him into not running and become a dolphin instead.

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